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  1. Excuse the noob question, but how do you put icons on effects you have downloaded in PDN? The dents plugin for example has no icon next to it. would it be possible to make an icon and put it next to the dents plugin?
  2. First Name: Not Telling (it's unusual) Location: Ireland! Age: 13 Occupation: Being young and enjoying it. Hobbies: Gaming, Surfing the net, Go-Karting Favorite tech item: My PSP Favorite and most despised software: Fav: PDN!/Most Despised:Games that won't work on my computer Favorite and most despised games: Fav: Gran Turismo 4/Most Despised: see above Favorite and most despised movies: Fav: Casino Royale/Most despised: Scary ones :shock: :shock: Favorite and most despised television series: Fav: Prison Break/Most despised: CSI Favorite and most despised band
  3. Probably not. Is antidisestablishmentarianism the longest word in the dictionary?
  4. ^^Whoa! that sig r00lz! it even matches your avvy 5/5! Yes, I know mine is kinda awful but its the best i can do.
  5. <---erm.... ^^8/10. I like it. its like, minimalist and whatnot.
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