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  1. sorry, i had to go off for the night. what you said didnt work, so i downloaded PDN 3.10 and installed it. now its all fine.
  2. Oops, i forgot to say when i click repair it just brings up a blank window very quickly then closes down, and then comes up again. EDIT: my experience level?... ive been using PDN for ages
  3. hey, i was on PDN, i closed it down as i was about to get off the computer, then i decided to go back on it. when i tryed to get back on it brought up a window. But all i done was close down PDN then open it again. also in my Add/Remove software on control panel PDN isnt even on it! does anyone know whats going on?! Please help PS: i am using PDN 3.2 alpha
  4. hey these are my first trys at it. and
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