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    I love all types of animals, and I would love a job to do with animals. I also love soccer, basketball, rugby, and tennis. I also love swimming.

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  1. Awsome tutorial! Tried it a few times, and the cars came out pretty cool. Good work.
  2. Oh man! That was so cool. That was a great tutorial. 4/5 stars!
  3. It isn't that good, but my first try.
  4. Thanks volt, I really appreciate it.
  5. :oops: Hello, I feel a bit embarassed to be asking this, but I am very new to Paint.NET. I was reading your tuorial {very well done I must say} and I got to about the 10th or 11th step, and I didn't know how to merge the pictures. Could someone possibly help me with this dilemer? Thanks. ~Jasmine
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