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  1. Yep yep Fanks Ash, working on that tomorrow, just wanted to see if I could get the effect down, will fiddle with the fiddly bits in the morning, eyes are droopy lol. Night night.
  2. Thanks much guys, well here is my first go at the diamond text effect, any suggestions???? I was thinking of perhaps some bevelling .....hmmmm. Anyway, I would appreciate any feedback.
  3. Not sure what type of hair texture you are looking for, but here are a couple of examples of hair textures which I made for a 3D virtual chat site. If this is of any help I'd be happy to explain the process for you.
  4. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone can help me to create a diamond effect text, I have been fiddling for days to get the right effect and as yet am unsuccessful. Ideally, it will have a golden outline around the text itself and then be filled with "diamonds" (and I dont mean the shape) lol. Thanks in advance
  5. This is me, pigging out on b/day cake
  6. Ok, well I am a total sports freak, so i spend a lot of time at different sporting events. I am a qualified coach for..... 1) Rugby League 2) Cricket 3) Netball 4) Athletics. So, when rain washes games out, I watch it on television, can't get enough of sport
  7. hmmmmmm 7/10 for matching avi and sig...lost marks for lack of colour
  8. Nice text, background plain...not enough colour fo my happy bright self 6/10Nice text, background plain...not enough colour fo my happy bright self
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