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  1. Now, I realize that this is a minor, minor fix up, and of little usefulness, but I think it would be great, and not too difficult. Anyways, I got to thinking. This is an image editing/creating community, correct? Many of the members of this forum skin anything from browsers to Paint.NET itself, so why should the appearance of the Paint.NET forum be left at the Internet Explorer defaults? My simple suggestion: Fairly simple, looks smart and clean, and spiffs up the site with minimal effort. I do not use Firefox, regardless if I should, and I'm not sure what the look is there, but I would assume its some of the same stuff. And as far as I could see, this was not on Rick's list of future updates for v4.0
  2. Overall its great! Try some anti-aliasing on the circle for a nice clean appearance.
  3. About a week ago, right after you changed your signature and before this tutorial I tried whipping up a replica (spent hours trying to find the font). Granted, I used jitter and reflection rather than the water plug-in, but I believe it turned out better than it would have with the new version of the water plug-in. And, by the way, really like the tutorial. If only I had thought to color burn...nah, I woulda never thought of it..
  4. New Sig and Avatar? Please comment, it was a quicky 5-minute job.
  5. Wow, take a look at this, all the domains that Google owns. Some pretty funny ones like "googleblows.com". http://www.geekcoffee.net/2006/07/how_many_domains_does_google_o.html EDIT: Post numba' 6600 on the .
  6. Hope this helps: Though I'm sure Rick's Camaro tutorial will help. This might save you some reading time.
  7. Looks pretty good, yet it looks very 2D, and the people seem oddly out of proportion to the rest of the picture. Also, though I like the dent use on the sun, I think it might look better not hanging on the edge of the picture. Try putting in the upper corner, pretty small, with a glare (madjik's plug-in). Other than that, it looks great.
  8. Hey, next time try using the forum's search function: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/search.php But, anyway, here's a link to a useful tutorial that I hope will help: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4841&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=cut+out+image+easy+way
  9. *Gasps* Cain't wait! And, if that is Jupiter, where is the great storm? WIP?
  10. Looks nice, pocket! Keep up good the work, experiment, and share! You'll learn a lot in no time from just observing the Pictorium and various tutorials. Now, for C/C, I would suggest feathering the edges of your work, for a smooth finish. And, to help with the 256kb, I would try the OptiPNG plug-in. I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that it reduces the file size.
  11. Awww...but it will help to improve the community. What about: Any exceptions there? The rules are a "must read".
  12. Looks really good. Did you use 'Jitter' on the reflection instead of the 'Water' plugin? Yeah, I couldn't find my 'Water' plugin and so instead just used 'Jitter'. Downloading plugins is a pain for me because I downloaded PDN on a different user account than what I use it on regularly. So it blocks me from accessing the program file 'Paint.NET' except on the other account. And like I said, it was a quicky. Thanks for the compliment though! EDIT: I lightened up the gradient bars layer with luminosity curves so it looks just a bit better. Not going to upload it though.
  13. ohmehgoodness! I finally found the font after like 3 hours and 5,000+ fonts. But here's the link. http://www.dafont.com/evanescence.font P.S. Thanks!
  14. Very nice bb00! Both great! So, now that pyrochild has changed his sig, and before he releases his tutorial on it, I though I'd have a quick go at it. Tell me what you guys think. And for comparison:
  15. Thank you very much. Feel free to close this or lock it since its been answered.
  16. Thanks Wither! (And I find it funny that no matter how you color/alter your insect, people still think it looks like an ant. By no fault of you though, I think its great)
  17. How's this, made it a while back. It's 6 different frames, I used the same beginning steps, but when I got to rendering the clouds part, I rendered it, saved it as FireAni1.gif, pressed [Ctrl]+[F] and saved as FireAni2. Did for all 6 then colored em in curves.
  18. I'd really like to create something original in PDN at the moment, but I can think of anything thats not too easy, but not on Ash's or CMD's level. Any suggestions? (I would consider myself somewhere in between complete noob and an experienced PDN-er.) Thanks, Logmeister
  19. Heh, can't say I love Sponge Bob, but that is pretty nice. A few anti-aliasing/feathering problems though. Edit: I'd really like to create something original in PDN at the moment, but I can think of anything thats not too easy, but not on Ash's or CMD's level. Any suggestions? (I would consider myself somewhere in between complete noob and an experienced PDN-er.)
  20. Heh, so now, you'll be able to lend "spare" credit cards out to peoples....say me? Very nice though, the "VISA" logo on the bottom right looks like it was added from a layer on top with the incorrect "zoom/rotate" settings (as does the bank title at the top). Easy fix I would reckon though.
  21. Hey, I know you've already gotten advice on this, but I think this method will be MUCH faster. Let me know if my method is incorrect. Hope this helps a lot! (And I realize my typo in step two )
  22. Of course. And I was only pseudo-teasing. And besides, whether it be chrome, glass, or anything, I always enjoy seeing another's take on it.
  23. Decent Avatar/Signature? 100% PDN and by me. @ Wither: Your high tom has a clear bottom head, yet your medium tom has a white bottom head. Either thats how your set is and the way you like it, or possible room for improvement. Regardless, its GREAT!
  24. @The Void Looks great. I think the matching avatar/signature looks slightly better than the 3rd image. Edit: Darkshock got to the the font before me.
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