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  1. Yea here is some pictures I took A few Days ago and Pretty much all of them where edited with pdn. I brought up the brightness kinda sharpened etc etc etc.... THEY ARE PRETTY BIG SO CLICK ON THE LINKS AT YOUR OWN RISK! this is the camera I used. (My only one) Ok here they are. FEEDBACK PLEASE here is a really edited one kinda a pleasantville effect... Thanks
  2. well it is probably your download. its probably currupted. re download it and post what happens.
  3. its easy to do but hard to explain. just select a little bit of the box except the top left. then use a gradient of lige orange and drag it to the bottom right. and thats it.
  4. hey. im glad you like the program. as do I unless there is a plugin where it does that then no. you should experiment with difrent effects and you could definatly do that. i can do it but its hard to explain. just experiment.
  5. Hey guys im starting a project called Project-Distortion Now it will be a site made specificly for signatures here are some a made today now what im asking is Does anyone wanna join my team and help me out? my dad is the founder of the famous website Charas-project yea but he wants me to make a website of my own without any help from him. can anyone pay for me tyo have a domain name? i heard that they are very cheap. but im a kid with no money and im only 15. thanks and please give me feedback on my sigs
  6. DUDE YOUR SO FREAKING LUCKY! i wanna ski so bad but i live in georgia =(((( so i cant go to the Olympics in snowboarding
  7. Tazmanian Devil lol jk Titty Tat lol jk again Turtle