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  1. Just happened: I saved a PNG file of size 155px * 198px and with transparent parts and the result is an image with way too high file size (1.3MB, see [...] ). When replacing that transparency with any color its size is as planned (12KB, see [...] ). I'm using Paint.NET 4.0.4, just checked Paint.NET 4.0.3 and got the same problem. Am not sure, if this is a real bug or my fault, just tell me.
  2. I get the following Exception, when copying an Image in Thunderbird to clipboard and trying to paste it into a new Image (Ctrl+Alt+V): System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt. bei PaintDotNet.Actions.PasteInToNewImageAction.PerformAction(AppWorkspace appWorkspace) in D:\src\pdn\paintdotnet\src\PaintDotNet\Actions\PasteInToNewImageAction.cs:Zeile 81.
  3. "Stirke Through" of the Text tool does not seem to strike through, but underlines.
  4. I wrote a small "reg" file to add Paint.NET to the list of "Default applications". I don't know the correct English name, I'm sorry for it, so let me show you, what I mean: You can simply download and run the attached "reg" file. Please tell me what you think about it? Maybe it's something for the installer? PS: The description is "Paint.NET" right now. It can be changed later... PaintDotNet.reg.txt
  5. Hi all! I found a small issue while playing around a little bit: If I set 3201% for the zoom the box is red and nothing changes. (All okay!) The problem: Now I can't directly close the window! I need to change the zoom down between 1% up to 3200% and it's working again... And now a small question: Why can't I remove a layer by pressing "Del"? PS: Why aren't the translations be sorted in the menu?
  6. Why don't you use the Prosilver style? I know the Paint.NET img at the left-top is worth, but isn't it possible to correct that? I think prosilver is more clearer, so maybe start a vote?
  7. Hi! A feature I miss is to be able to use the transparency for Rounded Rectangle and Ellipses. So I think it should be easier to work with Paint.NET ... or is there such a feature and I haven't found it, yet?
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