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  1. Hi, I have a lot of small jpg pictures, that appearently have a lot of overhead in them. I discovered that this overhead is, among others, from the camera you shoot with (and other sources). An option in the save dialog to save a clean jpg image file would be very much appreciated! Most of my files shrink from about 10kb to 2kb, webpages with a lot of these images load almost 5 times as fast! There is a workaround though, nice tools exist to strip this overhead from the files, but it is an extra step in the creation of the perfect picture. Thanks in advance! Kemmel.
  2. So, after a short search I found a website explaining my problem! Here it is: Tried the program and indeed this smallens the files significantly! Onto the new features request topic! Kemmel.
  3. Hi Bob, Both jpg files have 24 bit color. When I look at the file summary given by Windows, the large file has some additional info about the camera settings. Appearently this info is lost when saving as a bitmap (bmp). Opening the bmp and saving as jpg with Paint.NET also results in a small file (3.4kb instead of 12kb). I guess my question has changed to "How can i get rid of the overhead in a jpg file?". (Perhaps a new feature in Paint.NET?) Kemmel.
  4. Hello, I create a lot of small jpg files for my website. Some time ago the file sizes would be around 2 or 3 kb. Nowadays the file size does not go below 10kb. Why is that? When I save the image as bmp, and then open and save it as jpg with Microsoft Paint, the file size is back to 2kb. Anyone any idea why the size is so big, for so little information? I noticed that Corel PhotoPaint also saves the large jpg files. Why o why? Regards, Kemmel.