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  1. this is mine i had to change the glow on the top layer coz when i did it before it went really dark :shock:
  2. lol this is awesome...hers mine... the original pic was taken from http://www.supercars.dk/images/products ... ts-car.jpg
  3. this ish the blue eye i did today ^-^ Thanx for this tutorial...It's GREAT!! (my mummy likes my eye!)
  4. woah this is great! lol some of the results can look kinda wierd but meh its all cool in the end ^-^ nice tutorial
  5. WOAH THIS IS GREAT!!! ^-^ nice tutorial!! EDIT: read the other comment from me =P
  6. urs is very good!! lol better than what i could do!! =) (even tho thats not saying much...BUT STILL)
  7. ok well as it's pitch black outside (1:49 am) and it was raining earlier...I figure it would take me a while to find a pic of dry mud o.0 SOOOO...I took a screenie of your pic at the start...mine turned out the same as the end (obviously) which means...I DID IT RIGHT!! YAY!! and I really can't be bothred posting a pic if it looks the same as yours :wink: (great tutorial by the way!)
  8. Thank You for this tutorial :wink: 'Tis very well done!
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