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  1. Create a single sprite sheet image with all the sprites in it then apply the recoloring once. There are a handful of plugins which will assist you to save the images back to individual files. To do it individually is masochistic 😨
  2. Glad you got it sorted. I hope your project goes well 😊
  3. Control key + mouse wheel 😀 There are dozens more shortcuts in the list @Pixey linked to in the post above. Remapping of the shortcuts is not supported within the app. Do try the shortcuts. They really do work in the default configuration.
  4. We have a neat tool on the forum called the Plugin Index. You'll find a link to the Print It plugin using the Plugin Index and the keyword print. Print Size in this dialog? Here, Print Size is an estimate created to help determine how big your image should be. What this dialog says is "if your image is this size (pixels), and you print at this resolution (print density), you'll get something this big out of the printer". The dialog helps you figure out the dimensions of your image, but does not translate to how the image is to be printed. You need
  5. Hello @mjdamore - and a warm welcome to the forum The go-to resource we usually recommend is the Print It plugin. You said it it doesn't work. Can you be more specific? Feel free to upload a screenshot, as it might help explain what is not working for you.
  6. The Recoloring Tool respects the saturation and opacity. Give it a try.
  7. @Reptillian When you publish this plugin, can you change the menu to Distort rather than creating a new sub-menu called Distortion?
  8. It is in the left hand column, eighth icon down. Looks like this . The keyboard shortcut is L
  9. Recoloring tool mini-guide: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/114294-recolor-tool/?do=findComment&comment=558362
  10. Thank you all! I had an unremarkable day but a good one. Today I had lunch with friends. I had only one Happy birthday BoltBait
  11. Use @BoltBait's Object Inner Shadow. Find it here : https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/11514-selection-tools-feather-outline-bevel-shadow-upd-2015-01-31/ You can also use Bevel Selection from the same pack if you want a little highlighting on the South East corners. Inner Shadow won't produce these highlights, just the shadow.
  12. Text uses the Primary color to render the characters. First make sure your Primary color is not the same as the canvas. The second thing that might be stopping it rendering text is an active selection. Make sure you don't have one active by hitting Ctrl + D (or use Edit > Deselect).
  13. My latest build....a DOOM BOX (links are thumbnails - click to see larger image) This thing is a desktop size arcade cabinet for playing Doom (and other early PC games). The box is fabricated largely from MDF and some odd bits and pieces of wood I had lying around. The edging and controls are from Aliexpress. Paint is out of a spraycan. Well, several spraycans. Powered by a HP Thin client which boots into the WAD selection screen. I chose LZDoom as the software due to the low spec hardware. Sound is via an ex pair
  14. November Update A couple of interesting new plugins this month. Mise En Abyme MJW Recursively copies the image into a selection to achieve a picture-in-a-picture effect (referred to as mise en abyme or the Droste effect). Popcorn Fractal Reptillian Generates a Popcorn Fractal onto the active layer. Looks like a strange Sci-fi-glassy-LSD-trippy-Escher-Geiger sort of thing. More options than you could shake a stick at. Note: is computationally intensive (larger images & old systems may be SLOW to render). Plugin & source released under CeCILL v2.0 lice
  15. Hi @erpetek - welcome to the forum The Difference blend mode will do this. Open the source image Import or paste the second image as a second layer. Set the blend mode of the top layer to Difference (press f4 with the layer active). It doesn't even matter which order the two layers are - so long as the top on is the one with the Difference blend mode.
  16. Hi @Bruce Townsend! Welcome to the forum You've answered your own question. Within a session or not - the answer remains the same. Sorry.
  17. Go to your video card manufacturer's website and check there for updated drivers.
  18. Post the crash log here so we can have a look. To find the crash log (in PDN) use Settings > Diagnostics and click the link to Open Crash Log Folder.
  19. As I said, its not being actively developed. That's a worry. I'm also slighty concerned about the similarity between these two filter systems..... I can't help wondering if one is a copy of the other.
  20. Am I wrong that the free download is limited to 150 filters and the full version (350 filters) is no longer available? It would be a shame for you to spend time on something that is no longer supported. BTW we already have G'Mic and Filter Forge (paid) in this area. Both are quite impressive.
  21. First: please try another mouse. It may be a simple mechanical problem with your current one.
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