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  1. Hi Paul & welcome to the forum 😊 I have to say Woodgnome is a terrific username ! I also use Calibre, so your question intrigued me. I've not seen an error with covers being the wrong size. I always assumed they would be resized to fit. The author of Calibre is quite open to requests. Have you considered filing a feature request with him? On to your problem: it sounds like you are recreating the covers on a blank canvas. Are you pasting the original onto a new canvas? Doing this with a single layered image will default to PNG when you save, as you have
  2. If you're sure the font is the same, try using a font size with a digit after a decimal point. The font-size does not need to be an integer. 18.3 is quite valid and might adjust the kerning just enough to satisfy your eye,
  3. It's a useful tool. You might want to keep it around.
  4. How about using Circle Text with a long line of the | character at a large font-size?
  5. Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to learn from yours and find the correct way of deleting a program
  6. Correct. It is a built-in effect. Find it under the Effects > Distort menu. There is also Pyrochild's version of Twist, but that will blur the centre (unlike the example). Also check out TwistZ with Zoom.
  7. The last link in that thread is to a long-ago forum post, not a program/plugin. It probably pointed out a technique as a workaround. Try this: Make a selection Copy your selection (Ctrl + V) Paste it into a new layer with Ctrl + Shift + V Centre it horizontally & vertically using one of the object align plugins Open the Rotate/Zoom dialog (Ctrl + Shift + Z) Resize with the Zoom slider PS the thread you posted in is old. I'll split out your question into it's own thread.
  8. REF: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/MoveTools.html#13
  9. It's in the Tools window. Right hand column, third from the bottom. Looks a bit like this: Read all about it here.... https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/RecolorTool.html
  10. Nope. I'm coming over to your place. Make sure there's plenty of beer OK?
  11. My humble apologies. I've flagged this for inclusion at the next revision.
  12. December Update Three new plugins this month, including one by new author xrModder! Enjoy Rotate by Torus Map Reptillian Donut (torus) distortion plugin. Similar in some ways to MadJik's Donut Distortion, but has more features including wraparound mode, blending between distortion, and more distortion modes. NormalMap Restore Z from X and Y xrModder Converts an XY normal map to an XYZ version. Skew Horizontal / Vertical BoltBait Skews an area by offsetting one side of a bounding rectangle in relation to the opposite side (imagine turning
  13. In almost all cases you can hit Enter to commit. See: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/Toolbar.html#21
  14. If you install this plugin, What's It - it will tell you the type of file you saved the image as. If it is saved as a PNG then the layer structure is gone. PNG doesn't support layers. If you saved it as a PDN (and it is masquerading as a PNG with an incorrect extension) then the layers should be preserved.
  15. Hi Vic, welcome to the forum 😊 The tool is Image > Crop to Selection. You need to make a selection to define the crop region, then hit Ctrl + Shift + X or Image > Crop to Selection Ref https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ImageMenu.htm
  16. In English please @xrModder. It is acceptable to post a Google Translation
  17. Hello @xrModder - congratulations on this plugin! Can I suggest you change the location of it to Effects > Height Map? There are several tools which use this submenu, and I think yours will be a good fit.
  18. Your Effects folder is still stuffed full of odd files. Get rid of them all. Then replace the plugins you need.
  19. The currently selected color(s) are shown here (the icons numbered three). If you click on a shade of green at 6, the black box at 3 will turn green. Does that help?
  20. Welcome to the forum @Onii Chan Hentai If your image has clearly defined edges, you might be able to use the Magic Wand to select the background then press the Delete key on your keyboard. Transparent areas are shown with a gray and white checkerboard - this is not part of your image. It's just a representation of where the transparent areas are. Once an image has transparent areas, you will need to save in a format (like PNG) to preserve the transparency.
  21. Hey Kevin, check out the online documentation as well as the Tutorial section of the forum. We are happy to help you learn this stuff for yourself.
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