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  1. Madness! πŸ˜€ Ctrl + C Ctrl + Alt + V is all you need, because the new image will be sized according to the clipboard image. Welcome to the forum @CaliberC 😊
  2. When I'm preparing a new entry, I don't see the keywords unless the author has provided them in the release post. I do try to give sympathetic descriptions which reuses the authors own introduction to the plugin. I.e I plagiarize, paraphrase, rewrite and make new stuff up to try and accurately capture the flavor and function of the plugin in a couple of sentences 😊 Edit: Mostly human 😲
  3. Is still in Beta and located in the Developers Section. In other words, not released publically (yet). As such, I've not included it in the Index. I'm not adhering 100% to this rule - I thought it highly likely the plugin would be released pubically once MJW was happy with it.
  4. The Plugin Browser reads the keywords supplied by the author of the plugin. The Plugin Index parses the descriptions I've typed in and ignores the keywords because I've not included them in the data I capture. Flourish: Keywords - Spirals, Archimedean, Spiral. Hits for "archimedean" in Plugin Browser. Flourish: Description - Create calligraphy-like spirals, swirls, flourishes and tendrils. Possibly mustaches too. Many options to control the shape. No Hits for "archimedean" in Plugin Index.
  5. Yep. This repros for me. Layer visibility doesn't seem to affect the bug either.
  6. Nice answer @Pixey I wouldn't have been able to come up with either of those suggestions. ☺
  7. ....At the expense of annoying every other user who is familiar with this behavior. A warning here is not the solution. Learning the way paint.net works is.
  8. Alex's video shows the layers not moving up or down when the menu item is selected. Here's the Layers menu for reference
  9. +1 and I'd recommend ShapeMaker for doing this. The best way of creating a digital image.......is to create a digital image . I bought a cheap drawing tablet to do this sort of work. I almost always use ShapeMaker to go over the outlines afterwards.
  10. January Update Here is the latest round-up of new plugins. Happy New Year to you all! Dynamic Contrast ReMake Similar to the Photoshop's Dynamic Contrast filter, which allows the creation of high contrast images. Discussion of the color theory is a nice additional touch. Source code provided. Fragment Blur+ Reptillian New version of Fragment Blur (algorithm is not exactly the same). New features are color space options, boundary options, utilize half image hypotenuse rather than distance, linear interpolation shift, superimposing the original. Source
  11. No. Reasons are given here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/399-frequently-asked-questions-faq/
  12. I have no issues with private plugins being used so long as the plugin plays by the 'rules' AND the plugin is released following the comp. I think MJW does this. Here are a couple of plugins which reference comps.... https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/108875-hot-metal-glow/ https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/116830-vanishing-trails/ And I think this one... https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/110896-average-object-color/ If a comp theme inspires a new plugin, I think it only fair the plugin author gets to use it. CodeLab is, after all, a P
  13. Hello Eric & welcome to the forum Try this... Ctrl + Shift + C (copy Merged) Ctrl + Shift + V (Paste into new image) Ctrl + S (Save = Save As... because this new file will have no existant source file). Close new file or return to your original PDN file to continue editing. Howzat?
  14. Have you tried using the Bezier option in the toolbar when drawing curves? Default type is cubic spline The other option is BΓ©zier Use ShapeMaker. Seriously. It has an option to begin the next curve from the last end point & will even snap to it. The workaround: Draw a line Add a new layer with Ctrl + Shift + N Draw the next line. Use the Move Tool (Keyboard shortcut: M) to adjust the start position of the new line to match the end of the previous line. Merge the layer down with Ctrl + M Repeat
  15. ^ the second link here. The relevant bit is the second yellow note.
  16. Great solution. Who cares if it is bad code?? It works for you and that is the important bit
  17. Use the Header and Footer options to specify the information you need. {Print.Name} will append the filename, but I haven't found a keyword for Date and Time. Suggest you manually append these as simple strings.
  18. As I suspected, you're pasting the image onto a blank canvas. Try this ... Use file explorer to find the oversize image Right click > open with paint.net Resize. Save using Ctrl + S. As the file is known, you won't have to specify a filename, extension or location. Ctrl + S will save the resized image over the original. Close the image. Go back to 1.
  19. https://www.getpaint.net/ There's a prominent link at the top of the forum: https://forums.getpaint.net/.
  20. or Open the first image Open the second image Ctrl + C on the second image Return to the first image Ctrl + Shift + V (paste in to new layer.) When you do step 5 the move tool is activated automatically. All you need to do is grab the South East corner nub and drag it to the corner of the canvas.
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