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  1. 451 / 300 = 1.5 inches 480 / 300 = 1.6 inches. See how the DPI affects the print size? Great idea.
  2. Try this: 1. Open original scanned image. 2. Duplicate the layer and highlight the upper layer in the Layers Window. 3. Run Effects > Noise > Reduce Noise with settings of Radius=39(give or take) and Strength of 0.76 (again, variable). 4. Repeat Reduce Noise with the same settings using Ctrl + F. Apply five more times. 5. Run Effects > Noise > Median with settings of Radius=10, Percentage=78. Result: You can lower the number of colors with Adjustments > Posterize
  3. The graphic will have to have enough pixels to supply the printer when in prints at a density of 300 'blobs' of ink per inch. Your basic formula is this Take the finished print width in inches and multiply by 300. This is the pixel width of the graphic. E.g. 6 inch printed size * 300 = 1800 pixels. Do the same for height. Strongly suggest you read this http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/17049-dpi-and-you-understanding-resolution-for-print-and-web/
  4. Nope. Nor do I think that plugins will ever be non-modal. The process is that a plugin operates on any Selection within the Active Layer. Period. Imagine the complexity involved if the user then went and changed the selection or layer during rendering to the original layer? <locked due to this thread being ancient>
  5. You won't get any help here. Version 4.0.3 has been replaced for a very good reason. That's why you'll find forum Rule #7 and #8 say
  6. Which doesn't work? What did you try? To help you we really need a lot more information. Give us.... 1. The exact error message - a screenshot would do. 2. Your system specs.
  7. First install BoltBait's Bevel Selection plugin. Then follow these steps.. 1. Draw the lines the correct width and base color on their own transparent layer. 2. Activate the magic wand and hold the Shift key down while you select any part of the layer that doesn't contain a line. 3. Invert the selection with Ctrl + I. 4. Go to Effects > Selection > Bevel Selection and use the settings to adjust the bevel. Good luck
  8. Hi ShuckyDucky - welcome to the forum Right now your best bet is to use a custom brush. This plugin makes certain image files available as a brush Custom Brushes The line type of arrow may be possible in the near future. The Dwarf Horde™ is currently working on a plugin to create shapes just like this. For the chalk type arrow - try modifying this tutorial: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/21552-chalk-text/
  9. I think Chimay's ruling is clear and correct.
  10. Trying to open the dll is the wrong thing to do. Move or copy it into your paint.net\Effects\ folder and restart paint.net. You'll find it listed under the Effects > Object sub menu.
  11. How about posting a before and after pic so we can see what you're after?
  12. If you want a basic rectangle with independent control of the four corner radii try Rounded Rectangle No discussion of rounded rectangles would be complete without a mention of Squirkle
  13. There is ONE developer: Rick Brewster. He makes the design decisions AND implements them Rick has mentioned in the past that it's not a good idea to use sub-folders to 'hide' plugins and stop them from loading. My interpretation is that recursive scans have not been ruled out. Which is not to say that Rick is going to add them, just that he has reserved this space.
  14. Plugins cannot crop. Neither can they change what is outside of a selection. So you're going to have to do this in at least two steps. One for the inner selection and one for the inverted selection. Check out this new scripting plugin http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/31689-paintnet-scriptor/
  15. No I'm not. I really would love to do it but the amount of time such a project would demand puts me off. This first book took nine months of my life :shock: I was notably neglectful of my partner throughout a lot of that time. Especially toward the end I'm very proud of the book. Not proud of the way I handled my relationship. Sales have been.... steady. On a per/hour basis I'd have had a more profitable career begging for small change I realized this would be the case. I'm realistic. Mastering Paint.Net was a wonderful learning experience for me. Researching it turbocharged my knowledge
  16. I'm not getting anything rendered. It keeps crashing when I try to 'apply' the effects you've given as examples. How about supplying some simple scripts for us to cut-n-paste?
  17. Unfortunately not. I can add that if you place a semi-colon after your product description a custom amount can be entered... [donate=youremail@address]Description of product;9.99[/donate]Makes the default amount $9.99. I don't think a default currency can be specified.
  18. Hi Jechome - the corrected link goes to the correct page as it's part of BoltBait's Plugin Pack. See under the heading Effects > Object menu
  19. Hi TheFriendlySenpaku - welcome to the forum The problem here is that the previous removal has left remnants of the prior installation on your system. To reinstall you need to first clean out the bits that have been left over. How do you do this? Read post number two in this thread: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/692-install-update-or-uninstall-trouble-read-this/
  20. Thank you Rich38 I do try to help users as much as I can. I can remember clearly how frustrating some techniques can be until you figure them out. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to explain things simply and clearly when I was writing my paint.net book. I completely failed to notice there was a year between GraphiX2004 and Tears posts! That means I should lock this thread...
  21. For this type of effect I recommend this plugin Stipple Or TR's Halftone Or you could use your own design grid with a blend mode of Overlay
  22. This 'discussion' has taken a turn for the worse I'm in favor of a constructive discussion. This isnt. The personal attacks will STOP. NOW! I'm locking this thread for three days to give you all a chance to settle down.
  23. Try this tutorial http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/20764-pictures-side-by-side-before-and-after-images/
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