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  1. I haven't time to add help to existing plugins (many of my larger project already have some sort of help built in). New plugins will definitely have help added
  2. Excellent tutorial! :star: One minor point - Where you say Why not use the destaturate pixelop or even the secondary color? It seems less versatile (to me) to hard code the color.
  3. Adorabelle says that she downloaded the plugins from here. @Adorabelle - if Null54 is correct then you should DELETE EVERYTHING in the \Effects\ folder and the \Filetypes\ folder. You'll then need to download the plugins you need from this forum.
  4. Pinned I'm loath to pin stuff when I've been a part of the developing team - but this plugin deserves it. This has truly been a team effort. @TechnoRobbo, @Red ochre, @BoltBait and myself are delighted with how ShapeMaker has turned out. Hopefully you'll all like it too and find it not only fun to use but useful as well. Thanks also to @Rick Brewster for his hints and tips as we neared the finishing line. (I wonder if we need a Shape thread for created shapes?)
  5. Good to hear! Thanks for letting us know.
  6. "Hey Cortana - fix Red's PC will you?" Sorry to hear of your troubles Red. That's exactly why I'm not an early adopter. My own plans have been derailed. Apparently my Atom based netbook isn't capable of running Win10 (despite meeting the minimum specs & having the installation icon). If 8.1 is still working - why not wait a while and see if a fix is posted?
  7. August update Four new plugins including a couple of new filetypes. HSV Scrambler - @MJW. Change the Hue, Saturation, and Value of each pixel by allowing any of the components to be derived from a scaled and offset version of any of the other components. See post #11 for PDN3.5 version. RAW FileType - @null54. This is a DCRaw-based raw filetype. Uses the latest incarnation of DCRaw. TR's Portrait Retoucher - @TechnoRobbo. Reduce photo blemishes, wrinkles and lines by smoothing out the subject. ZIP Archive FileType - @Martin Osieka. Loads/saves the contents of a Paint.NET document (layers and
  8. Diamond has been promoted to the Galleria. A truly impressive piece. Congratulations Skully!
  9. Goodness - I almost missed wishing you a very happy birthday Red! I hope you're having a good day! (not in that order of course )
  10. Eli - are you happy for me to move this to the tutorials section?
  11. Once you've installed the DLL and restarted paint.net, you'll find the plugin listed in the Effects > Object menu.
  12. That's because it's EIGHT years old. It even predates the current forum host. Which is one of the reasons we forbid posting on old threads. You've been a member of this forum for long enough to know about Forum Rule #11 <locked>
  13. Dammit. Janet. It's a gannet. Shame it isn't. Looks to me like a Shag. Y'know the ones that are always hanging out their wings to dry?
  14. @BoltBait has released an "Outline Selection" plugin - you may have confused the "Outline Object" plugins with that. Outline Selection - requires a selection (obviously ) and creates the outline within the selection. Object Outline - requires pixels be on a transparent layer. Outlining occurs outside (or in addition to) those pixels by recoloring the transparent pixels at the edge. BTW: "object" refers to a pixel or group of pixels surrounded by transparency. All the plugins under the Effects > Object sub menu require surrounding transparency to operate correctly.
  15. Rick makes it clear he will only support the latest version of paint.net. Posting an error from an older version was always going to run in to this response.
  16. Disagree. I think it IS forbidden. By toggling the layer properties you're affecting the layer. I think you're arguing semantics to say the pixels haven't changed. More info on plugin rules: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/13129-rules-for-plugins-that-are-published-on-this-forum/
  17. You've answered your own question Plugins operate in a narrow and very specifically designed framework. They get to operate on ONE layer and WITHIN any active selection on that layer. This is not likely to change.
  18. You're doing it all wrong if it takes that amount of time. 1. Open a new blank image (it will have a white background by default) 2. Add a NEW LAYER. 3. Activate the text tool. 4. Select your text font and size 5. Click on the canvas and start typing on the new layer 5. Run Object > Outline and either will do ALL the outlining - inside the characters as well. All in one go. Notice there is no selection required. The reason you're having trouble is that you're not putting your text on it's own layer. Therefore the plugins don't know where the "holes" are. Always put your
  19. How much free space do you have on your hard drive?
  20. If Curves+ or Hue & Saturation+ don't do the job, try Selective Enhancement or Selective Toning
  21. This thread is six years old Lpainter. If you wish to ask the question anew then please just start a new thread rather than reviving something long dead. Don't forget the power of the custom search http://searchpaint.net/+ underwater gives you the link I think you want right at the top of the list. <locked>
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