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  1. Thanks. I hope you enjoy it Tomokatu BTW did you try drawing a line with the Shift key held down? It constrains the angle to the nearest 15° increment. VERY useful for longer lines
  2. The new documentation has been written for some time. It is awaiting final approval from Rick (paint.net developer).
  3. @toe_head2001 has recompiled this plugin to work under PDN 4. You can find the new version here: Point Warp / Engorged Smudge for PDN 4
  4. Glad we could help fancyfree. Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your stay
  5. Thanks toe-y! How about releasing this in it's own thread to differentiate the two versions? Edit: New plugin split into it's own thread.
  6. You're misunderstanding how these controls work. Try imagining the roll control is an eyeball with an arrow sticking out of the centre of it. Rotation is the eye twisting about the arrows shaft. Ouch - yucky. Next is radial movement. This is twisting the arrow from side to side while it's head does not move. See how the above rotation is still about the arrow shaft even though it's off to one side? In this way these two controls are intrinsically linked. The final rotation is rotating the arrow about it's sharpened (and bloody) head. This has an effect on radial movement: consider twisti
  7. To remove portions from an existing selection, hold down the Alt key while casting a new selection. This has the same effect as toggling the selection mode in the tool bar - but doesn't persist like the tool bar options. BTW: This is the natural twin to the Ctrl key which adds new selections.
  8. The example image is a JPG. Jpg's do not support transparency - you'll need to save it as a PNG or some other format which does support transparency
  9. Try copying the image Direct Link and paste it inside an img tag. Surround the whole lot with square brackets. [img=<image url>] I've uploaded an image into your first post. Edit the post to see how it works.
  10. Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) uses a 15-bit RGB (32,768 colors - also known as Highcolor) palette, with up to 256 simultaneous colors. The 15-bit RGB palette use 5 bits for each of the red, green, and blue color components. The reason you can't find a palette is that you can choose 256 individual shades from a swatch of 32768 colors. The number of possible combinations is huge.
  11. To add photos, upload them to a hosting service and post the links here. See HERE
  12. You've got the Grim Reaper in there and you're worried about realism? Big moon = spooky/macabre/primal. The sort of thing you're not-so-subtly hinting at with the title and Reaper image Like your changes & agree that the font is a little too ornate for great clarity. I can't read the title on your thumbnail image for e.g. I can read Steve's titles in his similarly sized thumbnails.
  13. Can't see one... http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/15260-plugin-index/?p=252432
  14. I should have mentioned that once you have that setup ^ clicking anywhere on the canvas will create a 1x1 pixel selection at the click-point.
  15. Ishi's gallery prompted me to create this little fellow... <ps:SimpleGeometryShape xmlns="clr-namespace:PaintDotNet.UI.Media;assembly=PaintDotNet.Framework" xmlns:ps="clr-namespace:PaintDotNet.Shapes;assembly=PaintDotNet.Framework" DisplayName="Minion" Geometry="M 140,140 A 49.5,57.01,92.49,1,1,370,150 Q 370,240,370,300 Q 380,320,390,420 Q 380,480,340,470 Q 320,460,340,450 C 350,440,352.11,432.11,360,430 L 360,410 Q 340,440,300,440 Q 290,450,300,470 Q 320,470,310,490 Q 280,490,250,480
  16. Try the Recolor Tool http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/RecolorTool.html
  17. Ooo.... Nice! I really like that Markie. A few things to try - just to see how they look: 1. Fade out the person/skull layer(s) by lowering the Opacity (press F4 with the layer active). This will make it look more spectral. 2. Shift the person/skull layers behind the buildings. At the moment there is a definite overlay the other way. 3. Lift the moon higher - to make it look more illuminating of the cityscape. Something like this:
  18. Sharpen image button? Do you mean Effects > Photo > Sharpen?
  19. I wonder if you have the zoom level set to something smaller than 100%? If I open any reasonably sized image and lower the view size it becomes progressively less easy to make a tiny selection. If you only want a 1x1 pixel selection set it via the Fixed Size option in the Toolbar
  20. If Inkscape can generate an SVG path you can copy that directly into ShapeMaker.
  21. ShapeMaker can import SVG shapes- there are tons of these available online.
  22. Its bound to be far older than that. Geometry is ancient. http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2014/11/origins-mathematical-convention-using-x-unknown/
  23. X and Y are standard Cartesian graphing coordinates taken from algebra. See here under Two Dimensions and also Notation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cartesian_coordinate_system. It's a VERY COMMON system. We use it in programming to reference a 2D grid - like a screen. Every programmer will tell you instantly that (0,0) denotes the top left corner of the grid for example. It's just second nature. If you're going to mess with these conventions, get used to answers like Rick's when you share code.
  24. Excellent summary Midora! I've added this to the first post.
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