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  1. No need. All these plugins work with version 4.0.6. If you get crashes and errors why not tell us what they say? We have zero chance of diagnosing your problem without more information.
  2. Shapes can be drawn with dotted/dashed borders. 1. Activate the Shapes tool. 2. Select the Shape from the drop down list. 3. Select the Outline option (no fill). 4. Choose your Brush Width. 5. Set the Style to Dotted! 6. Drag out the Shape - it comes with a dotted border. If you want to add texture to the inside of the Shape, set the Fill to one of the preset options.
  3. ^^ I seriously don't know what to make of that. On my high rotation list: Oblivion 2013 Full Original Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)
  4. Can you show us what you're trying to create? A paint splatter or an outline made up of dots?
  5. Copy the error message here so we can diagnose it further.
  6. As the author, those omissions concern me greatly Marilynx. I'll contact you via Private Message (PM) to discuss it.
  7. This tutorial might help: Side-by-side images
  8. 1. Do a cold boot. 2. Download a fresh copy of paint.net (http://www.getpaint.net/download.html). 3. Unzip it and run the installer. Tell us what happens.
  9. Try an alternate removal & clean utility: Revo Uninstaller. It's free.
  10. Allocation of rep points has been increased to SEVEN per 24 hour period. Thanks to BoltBait for actioning the proposed increase. Go forth & "rep"
  11. I wrote a significant amount of the online documentation. I also wrote the book http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25384-mastering-paintnet-ebook/ If you feel that concepts have not been well explained, please let us/me know so that we can review the subject. The online documentation is not "cast in stone" - I'm open to making improvements, because in the end the user is who these are for.
  12. The message is telling you that you need to save the code before building the dll. BoltBait added this to ensure the code is saved as a backup. Use File > Save As... to save the file with the filename "Color Replacer.cs". Then you are good to build the dll.
  13. Post #2 - details the use of the Windows Installer CleanUp utility. Is that what you tried?
  14. "Advanced" is descriptive of both the effect's complexity and the amount of effort required to master it. Creating Shapes is not just about fiddling with the parameters and clicking OK I put Dr Scott's Markup Renderer in the same submenu - because you need to know something about HTML/CSS/XML or MathML to use it.
  15. Two plugins by asmageddon (Strange Bulger and Strange Bulder have been flagged as having been updated for pdn 4. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/32419-asmageddons-strange-bulger-strange-bulger-b/
  16. Thank you for reviving these plugins ReMake! I edited the link to the list of incompatible plugins - it was pointing to the CodeLab thread.
  17. It's not a talent rating nor one of popularity. The reputation system is the forum user's way of saying "this post is helpful/great/funny/awesome/thoughtful/etc...". I award a point when a particular post moves me in some way. It might be a great idea, a persuasive argument, a neat technique, a fantastic image, cool plugin, a funny remark or an excellent tutorial. The owner of the post doesn't concern me when I award a point. I'm rating the post content. I'm convinced that the users with a significant rep count are those who give selflessly on the forum. Helping others is a great reason to
  18. My own personal opinion (of which I have legion) is that a *small* increase might be useful for those using the system. Users who do not use the system will never know/care. I would be happy to propose SEVEN rep points per 24 hour period. Thoughts?
  19. As far as I'm aware, Shapes don't have the ability to taper a line. The lines and curves are fixed widths. This might curtail some of the more decorative elements. I'm sure someone could come up with a workaround based on multiple lines which diverge slightly.
  20. Missing. Missing. Fred Arrow keys and rotation are mentioned here: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/KeyboardMouseCommands.html I don't know. I haven't found one. I'll ask Rick. Used to be that the Ctrl + arrow keys moved by a larger increment. I'm not sure if there is a modifier in pdn 4. They should all be covered in the Keyboard commands page linked above. There is a list of URL's in the documentation: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/WebLinks.html What I've done is simply bookmarked the
  21. You're already asked for help in the plugin thread (the correct place ). I'm going to close this duplicate thread. <locked>
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