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  1. This....might be possible. @toe_head2001 found a nice looking one. I'm investigating getting it installed (final decision is not mine).
  2. There's a PDF. With pictures. See where it says Click here to view or download it?
  3. I'm nice enough - am I good enough? From memory the forum allows exactly one piece of data as input. If we combine it might have to be the URL.
  4. Today's changes: Restored the Top of page and Home breadcrumbs to the footer. Restored the Forum Rules link (appears both above and below page content). Reduced the height of the footer. ^ Fixed. ^ Done. ^ Reduced to barely visible. I tried it without. It looked too flat. DEMO: Download
  5. Export the render as a PNG with transparency? https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/1303/can-blender-render-pngs-with-the-background-transparent .
  6. Return to the linked thread, read the red note at the top of the first post, then click the link immediately under the red text.
  7. I'm listening Functional fixes first. Then I can do beautification. I'll spend some time on the forum CSS this weekend.
  8. The attachment meta info is only added if you're using the the colored download buttons. It's a forum thing. I've added a couple of buttons to your plugin pack by way of demonstration.
  9. Anyone who will be using the HEIC plugin should not be thrown by the installation instructions. I'd push it into the Filetypes forum so people can find it more easily. Good point. I'll add it next release. Same goes for this, Filetyes forum?
  10. September Update One new plugin this month - I've listed it even though it is still "in developement' because it is another excellent file type from @null54 - and everyone should know about it 😃 HEIC Filetype Plus null54 Allows HEIC images to be loaded and saved with transparency, and adds a few more options when saving. Note this plugin replaces Paint.NET's built-in HEIC support. Installation is non-standard (see instructions in the first post of forum thread). In other news, the Plugin Index database has been migrated from an Excel spreadsheet to a cloud-b
  11. This forum is not a coding playground. If your plugin (and I use the term loosely) is not useful then why publish it? <removed><locked>
  12. Have a look at Dimensions by BoltBait. It should make the process less painful.
  13. Updated. My plugin pack now includes MathLaTeX
  14. Have a very happy birthday barbieq25! 🎂🍷
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