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  1. The whole printer is less than 50cm high. The black bed the deer above is standing on is your print volume. Its 220mm x 200mm square with a maximum print height of 250mm. 


    The print quality, density and added supports all affect the print time by a large factor. My "Dead Dog" sits on a base approx 25mm across and are 32mm long. They take about 30 mins to print in medium quality. At very high quality you could double that print-time.


  2. 4 hours ago, welshblue said:

    You can't remove them as such, or make them go in the tool bar ... but you can toggle them on/ off using F5 - F6 - F7 - F8


    EER has a name for it but or the life of can't remember what it is ... 

    Single Rimmer or Double Rimmer





  3. 31 minutes ago, Reptillian said:

    It does not seem to support multiple layer TIFF.


    Correct. Multi-layer TIFFs are not supported. Only the first layer will be returned.


    20 minutes ago, budc1958 said:

    So for TIFF or PNG just leave it set to default and I'm good to go for lossless saves?




    21 minutes ago, budc1958 said:

    Also why do you prefer PNG to TIFF?


    TIFF is an ancient format dating back to the last century (much like me :) ). While Rick often says TIFF support is provided on a "best faith" basis, in 4.2 he updated the bit-depth support (adding  24-bit and 8-bit options). I seem to recall 1-bit saving is not supported, and as I said above, neither are multi-page TIFFs.

  4. September Update


    Lots of new goodies for all! Enjoy!


    Equirectangular Diffuse Transform MJW Transforms an equirectangular environment map into an equirectangular diffuse map that can be used to apply diffuse lighting to a height map


    Local Stats Denoising Filter MichaelVinther Noise reduction filter. Works by averaging similar texture patches to reduce noise and at the same time preserve edges and details. Use to improve photos taken at high ISO values.


    *This one is still in development*

    Make-3D zaya Outputs a faux 3D image where the 3rd dimension (height) is determined by intensity of the color.


    Perlin Noise Generator zaya Perlin Noise engine.


    Replace Colors + Palette Cipheroid Swap and change colors by typing them as a list. Also the option of using an incremental palette, which clamps RGB colors to increments of a value (useful for limiting colors to a known value).


    zKaleidoscope zaya Transform a selection into a mandala (radial symmetry based on some slice of the largest possible circle that can fit in the selection).


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