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  1. Bound to be, however I did that ^^ in about four minutes flat.

    1. Make a selection around the smaller image
    2. Copy it with Ctrl + C
    3. Paste the copied selection into a new layer with Ctrl + Shift + V
    4. Grab the middle left hand control nub and drag it to the right to mirror the image across the right edge.
    5. Repeat 3 (you are re-pasting the original selection).
    6. Grab the middle right hand control nub and drag it to the left to mirror the image across the left edge.
    7. Repeat 3.
    8. Grab the middle top control.....
    9. Repeat 3.
    10. Grab the middle bottom control....
    11. Merge the four new layers.
    12. Use Radial Gradient + Transparent mode to fade out the mirrored images.

    There are other tools & techniques for step 12. Try a search for TR's Edge Fader Extreme for example.


  2. 10 hours ago, mszlazak said:

    To horizontally "de-skew" this chart one needs more range than what your plugin provides.


    I'm not seeing a problem with your chart. Are you seeing an optical illusion that bends the top of the chart downwards?


    I tried drawing a purple rectangle around the chart, and it seems to be orthogonal (which actually surprised me).




  3. 16 hours ago, fylmxd said:

    necropost very much i know but uh i went onto the website and i couldn't find the whole zip anywhere. i hope its not a problem if you could please tell me how i can get my hands on it?



    You're replying to a thread 14 years old. It's not surprising things have changed a little :)


    I'll close this thread. If you still need/want the tie-died script @BoltBait mentioned, please start a new thread.

  4. No plugins required! Try these steps,

    1. Effects > Distort > Dents. Set the Scale to half of the default value (around 6.75). Set the Refraction to 15. What you're trying to do with these settings is to give any straight edges a bit of an organic feel by introducing a bit of "wobble".
    2. Effects > Artistic > Oil Painting. Lower the brush size & set the Coarseness above 200. Actual values here will depend on the detail in your image.

    If you want the image to be even more chunky. Apply the Oil Painting effect again using Ctrl and F.

  5. On 4/9/2021 at 4:29 PM, ruffles said:

    They switch automatically if you use the color picker 


    No, they don't. Edit: Incorrect - see @BoltBait's answer below.


    Make sure you're using the correct mouse button:



    The color of the pixel under the cursor will be installed to the Primary color (Left Mouse button) or the Secondary color (Right Mouse button).


    Are you using "C" to try and select the color picker? (it's shortcut is K)

  6. 9 hours ago, Djisves said:

    @Ego Eram Reputo,

    TR's Custom Random Filler appears in the Index as TR's Custom Shape Filler .  


    Yep. Right below the title in the thread is this the AKA.


    On 9/11/2014 at 2:49 PM, TechnoRobbo said:

    TechnoRobbo's Custom Random Filler 


    (AKA Custom Shape Filler)


    I think it probably got renamed sometime after it was released. For consistency, I'll flag the Index to change it in the next release.


    Thanks for pointing it out.

  7. 10 hours ago, Alpha23 said:

    A plugin should be possible or already exist, because basically it's just two linear operations after one another: select two points on each layer and the plugin aligns one layer to the other.


    Nope. Plugins have access to one layer = the active one. Most plugins which need to access a second layer use the clipboard as a temporary store.

  8. 12 hours ago, mafitd said:

    Can someone help me how to select the entire contents of the red box on the left without having to draw around it ?

    1. Make a rectangular selection which includes all of the colored shape but does not go near the red borders.
    2. Switch to the Magic Wand tool (TIP: hit the S key four times)
    3. Hold down the CTRL key and make an additional selection between the red border and the previous selection.

    ...and you're done!

  9. April Update


    One new plugin and one new Plugin Pack this month. I've also updated the description of Tiled Form.


    Archimedean Spiral MJW Transforms a rectangular region into an Archimedean spiral (a spiral which tightens towards its centre).


    Remake's Plugin Pack ReMake Plugin pack containing Effects and Adjustments: Dynamic Contrast, Intensity RGB, Saturation RGB, Transparency RGB, Color Sketch, Dragan Effect, Linocut, Reticulation, Scratch Art, Sponge, Averaged Color Blur, Color Range, Eliminate Dark/Light, Lines/Grid, Emboss+, Neon Edges & Center Lines


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