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  1. December Update


    Three new plugins this month, including one by new author xrModder!  Enjoy B)



    Rotate by Torus Map Reptillian Donut (torus) distortion plugin. Similar in some ways to MadJik's Donut Distortion, but has more features including wraparound mode, blending between distortion, and more distortion modes.


    NormalMap Restore Z from X and Y xrModder Converts an XY normal map to an XYZ version.


    Skew Horizontal / Vertical BoltBait Skews an area by offsetting one side of a bounding rectangle in relation to the opposite side (imagine turning a rectangle into a parallelogram). Source Code provided.

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  2. Welcome to the forum @Onii Chan Hentai :)


    If your image has clearly defined edges, you might be able to use the Magic Wand to select the background then press the Delete key on your keyboard.


    Transparent areas are shown with a gray and white checkerboard - this is not part of your image. It's just a representation of where the transparent areas are.


    Once an image has transparent areas, you will need to save in a format (like PNG) to preserve the transparency.

  3. Hi @PSI_Boredom - welcome to the forum.


    There isn't a Doom palette as far as I know. Doom uses up to 256 colors simultaneously. Paint.net palettes have only 96 shades per palette, so a full Doom palette is going to be 2.5 paint.net palettes.


    If you Google it you'll find plenty of examples e.g.



    What you might be better doing is pasting the above image into a separate PDN image and using it as your reference guide (K is the keyboard shortcut to the color picker tool ;) )

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