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  1. Ego Eram Reputo would like to have more fun writing and designing and work less.

  2. Responsive websites. Not just resizing, but fluid, content aware resizing.

  3. Working, working, working!

  4. I've just registered with Paintnet forum. How come I can't create a new topic? I wanted to ask around if anyone could advice how I can shape the background canvas.


  5. Thanks for warning me before closing my topic :P

  6. Hi EER, just want to know about this problem I have. When I view a tutorial and read comments, I keep noticing the posts repeat themselves. I'm occasionally going through several identical pages. It happens pretty much everywhere I go. Any suggestions on what is wrong?

  7. EER scares me(being smart(me))

  8. Hi Zipit,

    No we don't support that website. they illegally redistribute plugins without permission or authorisation. As you see, we remove the link whenever it is posted.

  9. Hi Ego,

    Recently joined the forum and wondered whether you think it might be a good idea to attach a link like this : http://"'][/url]Kindly refrain from linking to illegal ripoff sites. Thanks./Features/Effects/Plugins/

  10. Always sets his status

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