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  1. I was looking for photoshop tuts that i could use for PDN when i came across this where there is link to the PDN website. http://desktoppublishing.com/photo-editing-free.html It's not much but still
  2. @Grizzle-I like v2 better. It sort of looks like there is more action in it. 8) Well anyway... here is a picture of some pirate text that i created after i watched the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Stock Map-http://www.johntoddjr.com/15%20Camino%20Real/images/map1831a.jpg Font-http://www.dafont.com/caribbean.font
  3. OK thank you. Now I know what to wait for LOL PS: I did try searching and I didn't get a return so I just decided to post.
  4. I was playing around with Paint.NET the other day when I noticed that you couldn't change the amount of nubs for the Move Selection tools and the Line/Curve :LineCurveTool: tool. If anyone knows or figures out how to do this or if it would ever come out in one of the future versions of Paint. NET. ...Could you please reply. Thank You.
  5. This is my entry. I searched up 'literature' on google and found this for my picture: http://vampsandscamps.blogspot.com/2005/10/i-love-quizzes-what-kind-of-novel.html
  6. Yay! First Post. Anyway I've been using Paint.Net for almost a month now and I've made a few pics myself and I've edited some others. Here are my pics: Hope you like them. Plz comment. -someone2016: I like the cool glass effects!
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