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  1. its confoozed ya onion! Glottal of or pertaining to the glottis. Glottis the opening at the upper part of the larynx, between the vocal cords. and my fav... Phobophobia a morbid fear of developing a phobia ... uh...if you develop a fear of developing a phobia...you developed a phobia there for your phobia is nullified...plus it sounds weird...say it 10 times really fast. S.
  2. i can't remember how i made that, i just like it. i just looked at a heap more pages and realized...i suck...thought another pic might make this post slightly worth it... S.
  3. i am using the just updated version (v3.20) i am just saving it in my personal folder, i'm not sure what you mean. Wait.... are you saying you're trying to put the script file in the Effects folder? SLS aren't Paint.NET plugins; you have to use ScriptLab to load them. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. oh im an idiot , i dont know much about these but could you possibly make it save as a pPaint.net compatible file?
  4. BUG: every time i go to save i get a message saying "error saving script" i still have the file but when i put it in effects and restart it, it is no where to be seen :x . i downloaded this from the thread with all of your plugins so sorry if it has been changed here. plz help me. Sparrow.
  5. Vostok 7: just put the holly there and you're good to go. while I'm here i may as well post something i made... the Christmas tree was not made by me, it was found in a deviant art search. and yes i have another username called Roswell1 this was made for another site... Sparrow.
  6. my try: not very good i know. I'm new Sparrow.
  7. hi, I'm new here, been using Paint.net for a while now and decided to sign up, hope it was worth it. so i was hoping for maby a little bit of help getting around the site, like where certain things are and such. i might post some of my work here soon. oh and guess where my name came from... i looked out the window cheers sparrow.
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