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  1. http://samodj.deviantart.com/ look at this, better than that other planet thingy made on paint.net and its all made on photoshop. u shld well try it, and then make up your mind. (ive tried both, prefer photoshop as you might have guessed) =]
  2. *pro graphic designers who earn money to make stuffz http://sjacobarts.deviantart.com/art/StarMotoring-R34-GT-R-vspecII-64729023 i found this on deviantart just quickly looking for something pretty cool made on photoshop. and i didnt say you wasnt happy with it? stop making stuff up
  3. and what im talking about isnt spam, its merely just posting my points of views, photoshop is used by graphic designers, paint.net isnt. all im saying is if your really bothered about graphic design, use photoshop, youll get better results, and its a lot easier to use i checked out paint.net and the wording is confusing, photoshop is easy to navigate. im not tryna start like a big argument just my views, and i wanna know other pplz.
  4. Fair enuff you can say you have more fun coz yeh u can and its up to you but dont go round saying *i dont have a ton of money to spend on it* There are others ways of getting it other than off of adobe. (no money needed) my mate gave it to me off a disc and ive been told you can get it offa teh internet. plus paint.net couldnt be as good as photoshop, coz if it was im sure 1) the pros would use it *they use photoshop* 2) it wouldnt be free *it is* and yeh you dont need the *fancy* options but it makes it a hella lot better. and yeh paint.net aint all that bad. but my point is, photoshop is better
  5. I respect photoshop cs2 coz its better than paint.net
  6. chow. "chow" is right... you're banned. ~BoltBait