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  1. Wildly Trans- File Image Type Saver And .NET Image Manipulation Abilities Grade Ed Harvey's Effects Duly Incredible To Be Open Source Renderers Or....
  2. I changed the method a little bit and used Paneling to make the rain move instead of just random noise:
  3. It is a very neat tutorial, but it doesn't really seem to be "raining", just some random changing noise. =P Sorry, but it is a neat effect! So, 7/10.
  4. You get cookies. Filled with Arsenic. I wish I was a meerkat.
  5. Under-rated. Iron Maiden. (The torture device, not the band. =P)
  6. School goes "Poof", but then you become an idiot. I wish I was a meerkat.
  7. Okay, to get back on topic, I'm listening to Higher by Avid Lebon. Next on my playlist: Edit: WITHIN Temptation. Heh, I spelt my own favorite band wrong.
  8. I've never really been much for name avatars, but the background is perfect. 9/10
  9. Hallelujah! Hail the lord, our master! *rolls down red carpet* Praises, my majesty! May I get anything for you? Here's some tea and slippers, m'lord.
  10. I think it's fine, personally. I almost never move it off of 0.
  11. When you buy a Camaro simply to get a high-res version of it to do the Gradient effect. When you realize that it's the wrong color and you give it to a junkyard to withhold the PdN tradition of a blue Camaro. When you realize that you can Curves+ it and go back to steal it in the middle of the night. When you spend 15 minutes to find the right Magic Wand tolerance so that you CAN Curves+ it. When the police knock on your door for stealing a car and you leave your entire set of precious valuables including your wife simply so you can grab your thumb-drive'd version of PdN and run for it. When you stop running simply to run into a store so that you can check for new posts on the PdN forums. When you hold the owner of the store up at gunpoint simply so that he WILL let you use the computer so you can check the forums. When you don't care that all of this is being recorded onto a camera because someone just complimented your Pictoriam picture. When the police grab you, and the video tape is right in your reach and can be destroyed, you grab for the PdN thumb drive instead. When you care more about whether or not you won the latest signature contest then about what the judge is saying. When you shoot the judge simply so that you can try and run for the nearest internet-enabled computer. When you could have made it if you had remembered not to type the 12 in the address. When you're caught right before you leave and are sentenced to being criminally insane and having an imaginary friend called Pedian (pronounce it) that's "telling" you to do these things. When your last dying wish is to tell Rick Brewster that you love him. When you don't care that you're on the electric chair because you finally did win that signature contest. When "I wonder what signatures users will put up for Halloween" is your last dying thought before you feel the electr
  12. This isn't actually all that impressive in itself, however, for 90% of people with a high-color-resolution monitor, it will seem as if it is "flashing". I'm working on creating some more PdN illusions.
  13. I followed the wood texture tutorial, then just started playing around with settings a little. After a while I made three relatively cool backgrounds. I like the first one the best:
  14. Omg, I love this. Especially for the sublimely-added-messages factor: Apocalypse! Colored image hidden.
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