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  1. Wildly Trans- File Image Type Saver And .NET Image Manipulation Abilities Grade Ed Harvey's Effects Duly Incredible To Be Open Source Renderers Or....
  2. I changed the method a little bit and used Paneling to make the rain move instead of just random noise:
  3. It is a very neat tutorial, but it doesn't really seem to be "raining", just some random changing noise. =P Sorry, but it is a neat effect! So, 7/10.
  4. You get cookies. Filled with Arsenic. I wish I was a meerkat.
  5. Under-rated. Iron Maiden. (The torture device, not the band. =P)
  6. School goes "Poof", but then you become an idiot. I wish I was a meerkat.
  7. Okay, to get back on topic, I'm listening to Higher by Avid Lebon. Next on my playlist: Edit: WITHIN Temptation. Heh, I spelt my own favorite band wrong.
  8. I've never really been much for name avatars, but the background is perfect. 9/10
  9. Hallelujah! Hail the lord, our master! *rolls down red carpet* Praises, my majesty! May I get anything for you? Here's some tea and slippers, m'lord.
  10. I think it's fine, personally. I almost never move it off of 0.
  11. When you buy a Camaro simply to get a high-res version of it to do the Gradient effect. When you realize that it's the wrong color and you give it to a junkyard to withhold the PdN tradition of a blue Camaro. When you realize that you can Curves+ it and go back to steal it in the middle of the night. When you spend 15 minutes to find the right Magic Wand tolerance so that you CAN Curves+ it. When the police knock on your door for stealing a car and you leave your entire set of precious valuables including your wife simply so you can grab your thumb-drive'd version of PdN and run for it. W
  12. This isn't actually all that impressive in itself, however, for 90% of people with a high-color-resolution monitor, it will seem as if it is "flashing". I'm working on creating some more PdN illusions.
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