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  1. I have a slide duplicator that I have made a negative carrier for and copied some old 35mm Colour negatives to digital using a 6Mp DSLR. I'm trying to find a reasonably painless way of converting these negatives to digital positives, but finding the going very hard. My RAW processor doesn't support colour inversion and when I put the negative into PSP X I can't get any decent results. I like using PDN for some of my post processing - for Layers work I far prefer it to PSP. And I know that the workflow after capture of the negative to TIFF is roughly: 1. Apply a CYAN mask (to remove the orange cast of the cellulose film) 2. Increase contrast 3. Invert 2 and 3 I can do fine with PDN, but how do I apply a colour mask to counter the Orange cast? If anyone has details (including settings) for negative conversion I'd very much appreciate it. Neil
  2. I think I've got the right umbrella thread for this - I'm sure someone will kick me off elsewhere if not. Someone on a flickr group had a suggestion for modification of an image I had posted for critique. This was the result of the work I did using PDN. The background sunset was taken using a Pentax K100D DSLR and the helicopter using a Panasonic DMC TZ3 Point and Shoot. I duplicated the helicopter layer, which is a B&W conversion of the original image - that conversion done in my RAW processor - Bibble Lite. I left the middle B & W layer as a mask and merged the top layer using "multiply" to get this end result that I was really pleased with: Neil
  3. These are smaller versions of the original images I was working with: (as the base layer) I was showing what I had been doing to some friends at work who liked the one I posted yesterday, but they said they actually preferred this one below (which was using Difference Blending of the layers).. I'm not so sure myself - I prefer the simplicity of the one with the Outline effect applied afterwards:
  4. I really need to thank Boltbait for the Outline effect as the final component of this image. Two of my photos merged together in layers followed by the Outline effect. I really do like this even though it didn't take a lot of effort on my part. Neil
  5. Is that in the next release then? Thanks anyway. Guess I'll have to make notes like I'm supposed to. Neil
  6. Thanks Ash, I did have a look at ScriptLab, but I got the idea it only worked on Effects. It doesn't seem to be capable of "recording" any actions from the Adjustments, Edit or Image or Layer menus. if I've got that wrong please let me know. Neil
  7. Hi, I've had a bit of a search and I've found some postings about saving history with a view to re-applying that set of steps automatically. I mention that because that is NOT what I want. I would like to be able to save the descriptions of each action from the history window. The reason is that I have started a distance learning course which may eventually lead to a BA Hons Degree in Photography ( One of the key requirements is that I keep a log of what I do to produce the images I present for assessment. Clearly when I am working on an image the History knows what actions I have taken since the editing session began, and because I am a bit of a lazy sort and like to use technology where I can, I'd like to be able to save off the contents of the history log to a text file. I suspect that's not possible, but no harm asking. Neil
  8. Thanks To Topezia and Trek for your kind comments - thus stuff is all a bit daunting for me at the moment. I'm well impressed with the artwork from you guys - especially that neat spaceship from Madjik. I'm just thinking about trying something for a sig, but not sure where to start. Neil
  9. Hi, I've manipulated a couple of my photos with PDN and am very happy with the results, however Explorer continues to show the original thumbnail image from when I last created the image or edited it with another processor (such as Bibble which I use for RAW image conversion as PDN doesn't support .PEF files.) I undertook a forum search and found one or two references to thumbnails not updating due to explorer not having been refreshed, however when I use photome to look at the embedded info in the JPEG files that I have generated, the original thumbnail is still embedded. For example: I produced this jpeg file using PDN from an image that had been all colour: However the embedded thumbnail can be seen in this photome screenshot of the EXIF/Embedded data: Is this a bug - or is there something I'm not doing correctly? Neil
  10. Just post your image in the Pictorium: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1072 Done, thx Neil
  11. I've just had a go at my first more complex image manipulation of one of my own photos. Been using PDN for a little while now for some basic photo editing, but beginning to use it for some slightly more advanced stuff (for me that is) It could do with a bit more work to get the selection a bit more right, but here are the results so far. I've eventually worked out how to select multiple areas and fine-tune the selection but it does feel like hard work. After selecting the butterfly I inverted the selection and applied a B&W adjustment. I also applied some feathering using the feather effect plug-in, but not sure if I was using it correctly. Your comments appreciated. I've got a question regarding embedded thumbnails relating to this image. Which is the best forum area to post that in? Neil
  12. Hi Guys, I'm a relative newbie (2 or 3 threads - one of which got locked straight away 'cos I broke the rules). Of all the fora (plural for forum?) I participate in - this is the least friendly of them all. I've looked at various threads where "the coders" clearly get p***ed off with users and it does feel like a very cliquey society where you've got to go through some sort of initiation before you can be considered OK. Now tonight I've just finished working on a photo using PDN and I'm quite pleased with the results and would like to leave word of how I sorted it out after my initial requests for help. But After a quick scan of some threads I'm feeling really threatened that unless I read every little rule and thread about posting images I'll be immediately cut down and thread locked. That really does seem like a shame. Most other places I visit take a kindly view of newbies and tolerate all but gross rule breaking. One Site I'm a member of (I'm a pilot and this society also get's a bit cliquey at times as well) introduced a student's forum. No flaming, biting or any other criticism of posters in that forum is allowed. You can post general pleas for help etc. If that sort of message is posted in the wrong (e.g. General Discussion) forum then the Mod's just move it to the Stude's forum. That way - those who don't want to be bothered with inane comments from newbies aren't, but those who want to help those starting out can and the site is deemed friendly but still with banter and controversy. Hoping I haven't upset anyone.... Neil
  13. Thanks - I'm getting to grips with this (I think) there was some very useful stuff about the Magic wand in the link I found and put in my second posting. Neil
  14. Thanks for that tip - I'm trying it out now. The layers thing is me trying to understand when to use them and when not (this applies to any photo editing software - I've just never advanced that far). The airbrush thingy is me getting confused about the brush selection tool (on another thread when I was searching here someone had described it the Airbrush) that exists in PS and trying to find if there was something similar in PDN. Neil