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  1. David: Unfortunately the /3gb switch did not work. FYI, for vista users here is a link to the instuctions (Vista has no boot.ini). http://blogs.technet.com/brad_rutkowski/archive/2006/10/03/Hey-where-did-_2F00_3GB-go-in-Longhorn-and-Vista_3F00_.aspx
  2. David: Thanks for the response and education. We're at the outer limit of my graphics knowledge. I'm not a graphic artist. I just got volunteered to build a mockup of a book for use by the publisher/author. (Lesson learned, never do favors for relatives who are authors.) All I can tell you for sure is that I scanned the sucker as a 16bit Grayscale TIF from an old 8"x10" BW pic from the 1830s. It was scanned to TIF at the publisher's request. I really have no idea what layers are, let alone if they exist in this pic. I also have on idea of the pixel size. However, I'd guess there is onl
  3. FWIW... I re-checked my RAM availability. Two different utilities (in addition to Task Mgr) tell me that I've got 1.2Gb of Free RAM plus about 4.8Gb of Free paging file space Its not a disk issue either, since I've got 160+GB free. This problem seems to happen on any/all TIFs over 20mb. Is this a known limitation, a bug ? Perplexing.
  4. I'm a newbie to the tool, so maybe I'm doing something wrong. However, I find it hard to believe I'm RAM constrained in this case. File = 50.4mb Tif PC = 2gb RAM (of which with way over 1gb is free, before paging), Core2 Duo 2.66ghz, Vista (64-bit) Paint.NET = 3.10 (says no updates are available), install is fine since many other smaller images open Can someone give me a clue.
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