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  1. Thank you BoltBait. Gonna have to look up the Microsoft License agreement then. Do you happen to know by chance? It ok if not, gonna be looking into anyhow. *Edit : I found my answer, thanks again.
  2. Hello, hope all is well. I just wanted to be sure. In the user license, PDN is free to use for “Commercial use”, that includes making print on demand products using the fonts in PDN right? thank you.
  3. My try (click on image for larger view). Thanks for sharing Ben_R_R, nice effect.
  4. Wow. Very usefull tutorial with great results. Thanks jerkfight. The clickable is a screenshot taken from a test game level I made where I used my result as the floor texture.
  5. It does look cool. Is it alright with you if I save and maybe use your image for a personal project of mine?
  6. Amazing and thank you. It is a while now that I have been trying to make flowers and not able to settle with the centers I' ve made. I think your creation will help me try some more.
  7. looks like a wheel of brie cheese He he, nice one. Here' s another try. Wich one you' d say works best?
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