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  1. First Name: Lawliet (one of my many nicknames, sorry don't give out my first name)

    Location: A Place called Nowra, NSW, Australia

    Age: 17

    Occupation: Senior High School Student

    Hobbies: Listening to music, drawing, complaining, eating, sleeping, more complaining, schoolwork etc..

    Favorite tech item: My Ipod, what would I do with out it? (probably kill someone.)

    Favorite and most despised software:

    Favorite: PDN.

    Favorite and most despised games:

    Favorite: Final Fnatasy VII DoS, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Mario anything like that...

    Most despised: Rappelz because the launcher keeps timing out on me.

    Favorite and most despised movies:

    Favorite: Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name.

    Most despised: Mean Girls, Hating Alison Ashely, anything that's girly, really

    Favorite and most despised television series:

    Favorite: Death Note anime (it hasn't been released in English yet but it is a series and will be released on T.V very soon), House

    Most despised: Dramatic Junk

    Favorite and most despised band / song / music genre:

    Favorite: I like J-Rock soo Aikaryu, Nightmare, Dir En Grey, Gackt, T.M Revolution, UVERworld, Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, old Evanesence songs (didn't like their new album much) and so more that I can't think of right now.

    Most despised: I don't like the music that is being released at the moment. But I can't stand Fergie, Britinay Spears anything like that.

    What is your most enjoyable outdoor activity?

    does eating outside count..?

    If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where there would be no expense to you, where would you go and what would you do?

    I am this holidays, I am going to Japan for 3 weeks, I've always wanted to go there. I'd probably be wasting my money and buying manga, anime and candy.

    Name one person, who in your opinion, is a hero or role-model:

    I really don't have one... maybe the person who invented cakes... i owe them one.

  2. Granted. We now live in a world without ethics, but the problem is now everyone is looting and stealing everything they want. They even steal you, but figured out who you were and just stole your computer, ha.

    I wish monkeys would do everything for me.

  3. I wish my form tutor wasn't such a *string of vehement expletives*!

    Your form teacher begins to talk to you, and next thing you know 'POOF' he transforms into a giant cow. You get out of your form teacher ranting and boring you but the problem now is that the giant cow has taken a liking to you and your parents aren't happy about it because the giant cow keeps eating the grass in the backyard.

    I wish I was a Coke Bottle

  4. Umm this picture was created to convince my uncle to lend me money to go to Japan... since my wallet's a little tight at the moment :cry: but it took me 15 minutes to draw and rounds about 1 1/2 hours of coloring...


    This is my first attempt of coloring a lineart.. Please do not tell me that there is spelling errors in it, I already know that and so does my uncle, so I am sorry that I cannot spell.

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