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  1. remedy :arrow: solution Solve a problem with a remedy or solution.
  2. wine :arrow: grapy If questioned, Piker will deny he ever used this spelling. :oops:
  3. I really love looking at the pictorium, there are so many good ideas here. At about 25 kbps I've got a lot of time to really study them too (though moreso the tops than the bottoms). On this occasion, and at the risk of putting virtual foot to mouth, I think we've two cases where less would be more ... Aakanaar - the puzzle's great! do you think it would work to remove one piece and perhaps set it off to the side? I've yet to meet someone who could resist the temptation to place the last piece, it's a really visceral reaction. Janettsue - your geisha is lovely I especially like the woodgra
  4. engaged :arrow: busy Unable to get through on the telephone (UK - "engaged")(US - "busy"). ... and I'm hoping "busy" didn't appear in previous 30 pages
  5. Playing with gradients and curves - looks like a jute hot mat, or perhaps tree cambium. Click for larger (800x800) image. http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc10 ... teMat1.png
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