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  1. Thank-You! I ended up scribbling in black the outline of the trees I wanted, in different sizes. Then I used the frosted glass effect on setting 2. Then I used oil painting on smallest brush size and maximum coarseness (actually had to repeat the oil painting twice or three times I think). The trees were on a separate layer than the background and the 'ground' they sit on. If I had seen Jezulkim's thread on starfields I would have used that! But maybe next time eh? Is it worthy of a tut you think?
  2. ok...I've worked on it and here's an updated version of my Aurora Borealis picture.
  3. Hello...new here. I created this picture. I love Paint.NET and am happy with the result on my attempt at an Aurora Borealis. Thank-you. (it's unfinished as I'm having trouble creating good looking fir trees)