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  1. I see, custom folders are listed alphabetically. Well that helps a little. Thank you. There are so many cool shapes and you never now what you may need. | hope scrolling will be allowed in the future. cheers.
  2. Hi, I've just been trying out the shapes tool, I've downloaded quite a few shape packs and put them in their own folders. The folders don't seem to make a difference, they all appear in the custom shapes category. Is they a way to put them in categories? Even adding them to the existing ones, polygons and stars, arrows, call outs, symbols, as they have more room, where as the custom one is full. There is no way to scroll through them so I can't see the ones that don't fit on screen. Is there a way to organise them or at least be able to scroll?
  3. ok,cheers for the info. a plugin like this would be good though.
  4. hi, just tried with latest paint.net v4.0.12 win7 and the first photo it works fine, but doesn't make a new palette for next the photos i open. it will work if i restart paint.net.
  5. Ok,thanks everyone. I guess i can see it could be confusing either way. Some kind of option in the prefs would be good,though. Cheers.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Surely making the layer visible by checking the box should also select it? wouldn't it be also better to not allow edits to invisible layers? I can't see a reason for that.
  7. Ah,yes,sorry.I did indeed mean checked/unchecked.
  8. Hi,I've been trying to find a solution to this. Deselecting a layer jumps focus to nearest layer,then reselecting the original doesn't put you on that layer, leaving you on the wrong layer. I'm finding this confusing and it causes accidents. Does anyone else find this? There is no preference in settings to change this. maybe there's a work-around?
  9. erm,maybe i meant some kind of colour filter.i mean to reduce the amount of shades. am i making any sense? it's just that the pic i tried it on had a massive palette and i was trying to find a way of 'slimming' it down a bit. thanks,it's really useful.
  10. i've been hoping for one of these,nice one thanks!
  11. just like to say a big thanks for this,it's just what i've been looking for.
  12. i tried what you said but it's not very accurate,a lot of guess work in that little box.there's no guidelines.unless i'm doing it wrong,i'll keep trying,but it looks like i still need to keep my gimp for now. i hope it gets put on the request list as an extra function for the move tool. cheers for all the help!
  13. thanks,but i'm not sure if it can do what i need. i need to be able to select an unequal-sided rectangle from within my image then stretch it to fit the images full rectangle. what it is,when i've taken a photo of a painting and it's slightly tilted,i need to stretch it to fit the corners of the image. sorry if i'm not being clear.
  14. i couldn't see this in the feature requests sticky. i need to drag the nubs with the move tool to stretch the image into shape. is there a plugin that can do it? the rotate/zoom can do it,but not very easily. forgive me if this has been discussed before,i did do a search but i'm not exactly sure of the correct terminology. i love paintdotnet and this is the only think that's missing for me.
  15. hi, i don't get the yellow lines in the nes either,what could be wrong? wish there was more palettes too. here's one i made from colour hunter;
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