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  1. [quote="Crazy Man Dan"]@BuzzKill Nintendo Virtual Boy forever! That thing really was wierd... But anyway, I agree. A VR FPS would give new meaning to the term First-Person Shooter. @SearedIce That looks good! What font is that in the corner there? (I love fonts... What? I don't have a problem! <_<) @A_Pickle Thanks! Yeah, that's a Gaussian blur overlay (well, I guess "underlay," technically...). I had to duplicate the blurred layer to get it to show up well. A 2px line with a 5px radius Gaussian blur doesn't show up too well. Whodathunk? :wink: Oh, and: Ell-oh-ell. @aatwo Alrighty. I just thought I'd ask. You're a great artist, though.