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  1. Mm, that was what I was afraid of. Looks like I'm going to have to blur away some jagged edges...
  2. Yeah, I did think of those things, but contrasting can only work on a photo which already has a fairly strong contrast, and I'm just awful at cutting. I was really hoping there's be some little layering trick I've missed.
  3. If, for example, I wanted to turn this photo of a running man into a black silhouette of a running man on a white back ground, how should I go about it? Thanks in avance, and sorry if this has already been asked or a tutorial already posted.
  4. Gif file size. I have a GIF (only three frames), problem is it's 40KB and I need it down to 10. What's the best way to lower the file size?
  5. Thanks... but, see, thing is, it's kinda complicated kinda thing. I have a kind of signature war.. and I'm cheating. Y'know what, forget it. Your compliments have convinced me to do it on my own. Many thanks.
  6. I've actually made an embarrasing amount of my own... but I need something really outstanding. This place seemed a natural place to start for something with wow factor. Here are some of my own... some of them are from earlier on, before I got used to PdN, which is my excuse for their crapness.
  7. Well, it's good, kinda thing. My main problem was that I was looking for something maybe a bit more... Dark. Stylish. Black. But thanks, anyway.
  8. Now this is what I call an awesomesauce plugin. Seriously, it's like, everything I wanted done to the Zoom Blur, done.
  9. My first sig was a complete mess, but the second was pretty good, by newbie standards. It hasn't improved all that much overt ime, though....
  10. Hi, I'm ICouldEatAPow. I'm not strictly new here, I've been downloading the plugins and reading the tutorials (thanks for those, everyone!) for a while, but this is obviously the first time I've posted. I hope this is the right board for this, if not, sorry. My request is for a sig. I'd like the main colour scheme to be black and dark green preferably, and for it to be as stylish/ proffesional looking as possible. I'll credit whoever makes me one, of course. I'd quite like as many difficult looking techniques as possible to be used as well. Oh, one other thing- I'd like the text to read 'Veno
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