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  1. Some people liked this sig, a might make a tut: Quotes: "Awesome Work For Paint.net" "Really Nice!" "It's Pretty Good..Especially Version 1"
  2. Magic I Go To Save A Screenshot of This and It Appears!
  3. It really does. But like you said, Good job and speedy updates are always nice! PDN Rocks!
  4. I downloaded 3.22 but it only has the program and now Paint.net file.
  5. This happens to all my plugins I've downloaded for 3.10 since September
  6. It won't show up. Will it work for 3.10 everytime I try to download 3.20 it messes up and 3.22 doesn't have a file.
  7. Here's a banner I made for a forum: I really like the text for some reason
  8. Can you delete a plug-ins & effect menu sub menu? Because i created 2 plug-ins with codelab one i didn't mean to save because it messed up, the second one i was playing with it and all it does is let you chose blurs of black and white pixelate. And each one has a catergory of its own.
  9. Paint.net v3.10 Plug-ins are not compatible with Windows Vista Home edition. I've searched multiple times to check if i was just saving it wrong, i've visited and followed the instructions from the sites the mods link me to still nothing. I've come to the conclusion that they are not compatible with windows vista! So the old computer--->Disk drive 3--->Program files--->Paint.net---> Effects doesn't works it comes up as "Cannot save in here would you like to save in pictures folder?" then a bunch of other problems. So it is not compatible with windows vista.....OR IS IT?? :AntiAliasingOn:
  10. yes,yes, i search for everything..... off topic: it sucks cuz plug-ins aren't compatible with windows vista!
  11. I have an idea for a tut and plug-in here goes a nooby request for one of each: The plug-in The plug-in could be a animate picture, or possibly one for some of the great tuts like it auto-makes a kiosk orb but you have to set color etc. and one that starts a fire etc. Or a tool that makes things transparent. The tut How about has basicially a guide for intermediate users, and all the effects/tools (not including plug-ins) or a tut that tells how to something look 3d WITHOUT THE 3-D SHAPE PLUG-IN! or any other plug-in.... thanks, someone please make one of these
  12. Is their a certain program or file used to create a plug-in? Or a tutorial about how to make one? Because if some gave me a tutorial or a program that could make one a could make some awesome ones -Please post an answer (btw search comes up with nothing) -Karma Blue
  13. hmm... im not an expert but i suggest deleting any extra non-effecting your pictures look layers and such and any small details. or lowering the the size from lets say 900x725 to 700x565. That would make it easier to simply lower to KB with little quality loss.
  14. When i save my plug-ins i download i the effects folder it says " " how do i fix it? please respond! Note: i did contact the administartion as the pic metioned.
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