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  1. Some people liked this sig, a might make a tut: Quotes: "Awesome Work For Paint.net" "Really Nice!" "It's Pretty Good..Especially Version 1"
  2. Magic I Go To Save A Screenshot of This and It Appears!
  3. It really does. But like you said, Good job and speedy updates are always nice! PDN Rocks!
  4. I downloaded 3.22 but it only has the program and now Paint.net file.
  5. This happens to all my plugins I've downloaded for 3.10 since September
  6. It won't show up. Will it work for 3.10 everytime I try to download 3.20 it messes up and 3.22 doesn't have a file.
  7. Here's a banner I made for a forum: I really like the text for some reason
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