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  1. Yeah, I guess so, but it seems a lot more efficient to be able to use the Line Eraser.
  2. All you have to do is find the right Font and color and write the text. Add some noise (no colour) and then select the middle 'M' and paste it on a new layer, then duplicate that layer and run Zoom Blur, centred on the middle of the 'M' on whatever setting you like, then switch that layer to Lighten. That should give you somewhat of a Mummy logo.
  3. But this doesn't provide Anti-Aliasing. The feather plugin seems to be ineffective, but thats a different topic.
  4. Ok, so you're probably thinking Line Eraser, wtf? But, I think this would make it much easier for cutting out images/renders, such as you have a setting the the Eraser/Line tool to make it switch into a Line Eraser/Eraser line, respectively. The way this would work is that you have the line in the primary color (or possibly invert the colors that the line is on top of?) and then once you press Ctrl - D or Enter, it erases that area. Picture: Agree or Disagree?
  5. Whilst messing around with one of my star backgrounds, I came up with this!
  6. As for the plug-in, I can't really help, I'm not a programmer. But if you want to get rid of the selection you can just use Ctrl + D. Need any help, we are always here.
  7. I seem to be having a problem with this plug-in running Vista. I just can't figure out how to install it! Ok here is what I do: I extract the .zip (I think, can't remember ) etc. until I have the .dll I cut the .dll and paste it into C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects. Here is where I have the problem. I run Paint.NET, but it's exactly the same. There is nothing different in any of the menus, toolbars or windows. Please help me? I've been so eager to use this, but it doesn't work Fixed: Tryed re-installing and third time
  8. Hola Ryoma, alegra ver que se han sumado a la comunidad Paint.Net! Hasta donde yo conozco, no hay ningún español tutoriales pero hay versiones en español del programa disponible! Además, si usted encuentra un tutorial que te gusta, puede utilizar siempre un traductor, como el traductor de Google para traducir de Inglés a Español. Si necesitas ayuda, basta con preguntar! (Lo siento, mi español no es demasiado bueno!) If the moderator's want to know what was just said it is as follows. Ryoma:Hello to the whole community Paint.NET, wanted to know whether here in the forum there is a current and complete tutorial on the program in Spanish .. thanks Warmac1ne: Hello Ryoma, glad to see you have joined the Paint.Net community! As far as I am aware of, there aren't any spanish tutorials but there are spanish versions of the program available! Also, if you find a tutorial you like, you could always use a translator, such as the Google Translator to translate it from English to Spanish. If you need any help, just ask! (Sorry, my spanish isn't too good!)
  9. While I was working on one of my projects in Paint.NET I had to rotate my selection and part of it went off the edge of the canvas (I wasn't moving the picture, I was moving the selection) and the dotted lines are still there after they have gone off the canvas. Not really doing harm but just thought you might wanna know Ins1ghT^ Warmac1ne^ Assass1N
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