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  1. We need a bit more of hand-drawn PDN art here. -Background from Morguefile (blurred for effect) -Subject is a fan character of mine from Thief, a horselike wood sprite (aka a "horsenymph") named Thorn -Thief trilogy © Eidos, Looking Glass & Ion Storm -DO NOT USE character OR art without my permission
  2. Very cool; love the parchment look. A border, though, would tie it all together. 9.5/10
  3. Using Ash's eye tutorial... Edit: Latin text translations: "Vive memor leti": I live remembering death. "Vita summa brevis spem nos vetat incohare longam": The shortness of life prevents us from entertaining far-off hopes.
  4. Simple yet effective. Perfect for novices.
  5. The tutorial that revolutionized Paint.NET fire-themed tutorials. Kudos to you, fellow artist; kudos to you.
  6. Wow! I'm DEFINITELY going to try this.
  7. You guys must feel horrible 'bout that. -sends good vibes-
  8. The fact that, using Paint.NET, I've created works of art I thought I'd never create without the overpriced thing that is Photoshop.