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  1. It's kind of bothering me... Will the newer versions reset all of my plugins so they're compatible with the newer version? (delete them so it can work right)? I've got some pretty precious plugins that are GONE off of the PDN boards and I don't want to lose them. Will PDN v.3.22 do that? Looking forward to your replies
  2. Hello Paint.NET users! I kind of thought this would be cool... I can make signatures out of pics you post! I can add tons of stuff like reflecions, cool blurs, nice gradien effects, and much more! Simply post the picture you want me to make a signature out of, and kabam! I check up on this topic daily. **Note- all signatures will be scaled to fit 400 X 100. No smaller, no larger. You'll have to deal with it. Here's a little bit of my work I've done for people on other sites!: (using Paint.NET, of course) This one's for a forum owner: Something I put together for a kid on a different site: This one was for a 50 cent fan: Just post the pictures! I'll do my best to add cool effects.
  3. A little somethin' somethin' I whipped up in a few minutes.
  4. Ok, PLEASE can someone tell me what I do??? I downloaded the plugin, attached it to Paint.NET, now what? Someone please???
  5. Where have my colors gone? I open up Paint.net and the colors are gone! Someone please help?
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