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  1. I didn't make the pics, but I use PDN to make all the frames. I save all frames in PNG format and then use Irfanview 4.10 batch tool to convert to GIF format. This makes for much better resolution than saving the original frames in GIF. Then I use Unfreeze to animate.
  2. To make the revolving sphere, use the shape 3d plug-in. Rotate the sphere 5 degrees for every frame, and name each frame the amount of rotation so its easy to keep track of them (i.e. frame 1 is .005, 2 is .010, 3 is .015) 71 frames for full 360 degrees, have fun, I'll never do it again.
  3. Check out this free font manager. http://majorgeeks.com/Font_Frenzy_d4295.html An exe. that dosent need to be installed with a very simple interface. This program will solve your font problems, even the ones you didnt know you had.
  4. I had the same type error after removing some of the extra fonts I never use. Removing fonts that come with XP makes PDN crash. Simply putting the fonts back dosent help. Removing and reinstalling PDN after putting the fonts back dosent help. had to do a system restore. After spending all morning screwing with the whole affair I found a program called font frenzy. http://majorgeeks.com/Font_Frenzy_d4295.html This is a free program that will restore your fonts to the windows default and allow PDN to work again. Some programs come with fonts and having a lot of fonts seems to slow things down
  5. I remember when PONG came out, it rocked!
  6. I found PDN through http://www.techsupportalert.com/best_46_free_utilities.htm In my never ending search for free software.
  7. That is a water effect, very slight. When I use reflection in anything that has sides that slope in, I get reflection pixels floating in the air, I may be missing something.
  8. Inspired by that ^ Very nice, I may need to try again.
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