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  1. What probably happend is that your picture was too long and you did not drag the gradient all the way to the bottom of the picture. What you could do...is use the :RectangleSelectTool: Selecting tool and select the middle portion then crop to selection :Crop: ..And all will be good :)

  2. Looks pretty neat, Wrencher. Do u have a tutorial for it?

    Hi, Thanks!...no I dont have a tutorial, but its not too hard..just time. It was just multiple layers for each picture and adjustments to each layer..(opacity, blurs, sizing etc), and lastly a few layers for the fonts. I winged the whole thing and did not save the layered version (pdn file) sorry.

    Play around with Paint.net...and once you learn it more and more, you will create something better! :D

  3. Hi I am new to these forums and I am new to PDN so... I put on the gridmaker plugin and added it into the effects folder then exited paint.Net but when i try to find it i can't so do you know where it is?? I mean is it under effects or layers or what?

    You need to close Paint.net. Unzip gridmaker (if it is zipped) . Either you unzip it and point it to extract to C:>program files>Paint.net>effects.

    Or you unzip it and drag it out on your desktop and then open my computer>C:>program files>Paint.net>effects and drag the .dll into the effects folder

    Then reopen paint.net and you should see it under the effects tab.

  4. To try to make this simple....Download the reflection plugin to your desktop, double click on the zip file, you should see the .dll file....drag that to your desktop.

    From this point make sure Paint.net is not open!

    Open My Computer->double click Drive C:->double click Program Files->double click Paint.net. You will see at the top is EFFECTS folder...drag the .dll file into the Effects folder and close all windows.

    From there you should now see the reflection plugin in paint.net under Effects tab.

  5. Good job! & Welcome to the Paint.net (PDN) Forums! There are many tutorials and many Very skilled people who create these (Ash, Pyrochild, Wither, Madjik, TheTh0mas, Tom Jackson... to name a few and of course Rick Brewster).

    This is a great place to learn new things and I appreciate all the help from these people and also the many others, not just the tutorials but also with the plug-ins.

    Now back on topic.. Good luck to your future tutorials!

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