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  1. ok i did what both of you say, after downloading the v3.22 download/install I installed it and booted PDN up and it says it is v3.20 still
  2. it says: "There was an error when checking for updates" "There was an error decompressing the download" Thats it, I have not moved the initial installed files, so that isn't the problem. Also I haven't had problems in the past, only updating to v3.22, I currently have v3.20 and have tried uninstalling and re-installing and I will still have v3.20. I f someone could help me, that'd be great. Thanks!
  3. oh wow i didnt realize i had to delete thank u a bunch
  4. i have found how to do it on bolt bait's web site and everything but can't seem to get it too work at all i am trying to reflect this picture when it is completed which it isn't i wanna try and make it close to ice (attached) could someone run through how to do this with my picture? thx in advanced Attachment:
  5. what is apophysis fractals is there a program that can do this plz tell me of a freeware program thx
  6. well i have searched a couple times and haven't been able to find anything, try searching if u also find nothing then give a tut a try
  7. @Mr Frojo: well i figured dripping paint was pretty self explanatory @Barkbark00: yeah pretty much like that effect, how did you do that cause i couldn't find a tut
  8. is it possible to create the effect of dripping paint? i dont know what it would be used for but i think it would be cool if its possible or is a plug in or something
  9. ok someone made this signature backround: now i dont know if this was made with PDN (probably not) but anyone have any idea if i could make something very similar and how? thx
  10. My brother had me make this i think its kinda cool Nintendo characters chillin in the city
  11. My brother wanted me to make this so i helped him he told me where to put everything
  12. No matter how hard i search i cant find out how to use Effects ---> Reflection so could some1 plz explain this to me?
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