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  1. hello, i had an idea for a plugin recently. i was just thinking of a plugin that would break up the image into pieces and randomize it throughout the page. something that could be done is making it so that you can chose the size of the pieces that you want, shape, ect. i think that this would be neat, but i don't know how to write plugins. does anyone have any ideas for such a plugin? thanks kirby
  2. heres my entry to the competition source for pic
  3. here's my entry. it's all what i made, so no links to stuff. here it is.
  4. cool, so you think you'll be able to do that? when do you think that you would be done that? thanks
  5. hello, i have an idea for a plugin, i don''t know how to make them so here it is. it would be really cool to have something, that in your page, you could select a few characters, letters, numbers whatever, and have them spread randomly throughout the page. i don't know if it's allrady created, but this would be neat. thanks.
  6. yah i've kinda looked around quite a bit, found quite a few interesting things. did you draw this pic?? ... t-64767838 how did you do it?
  7. hello, my name's kirby hamblin. i have a site, and i wanna make it look real good, pro. i'm looking for some really cool effects, and designs that i could use. open to suggestions. i've been playing around, made some cool stuff, but i'm looking for the right one. lol so if you'd like to help me, put your suggestion here, and if i use it i'll credit it to you on my site. thanks.
  8. hello, i know this is probably an easily solved question, but i don't know how to put a picture as my signiture on my topics, and reply's. could anyone tell me how you do this? thanks
  9. yes, i tried that i typed in puzzles into the and one came up, but it wasn't what i wanted do you have a link to another thread? thanks
  10. hello, i was looking at some pictures the other day and i seen some that were made to look like a puzzle, is it possible to do this with is there a plugin for this or what can i do? thanks