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  1. It won't run, nor will it upgrade. I had the alpha version, and now I'm trying to download the most recent one. I get "Fatal error during installation (1603)"

    I tried downloading it twice. If I click on it it won't run. It says...

    "There are some missing important installation file types


    When I try to repair it, it says "The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM..."

    I'm running Vista 32bit if that helps.

  2. I was just kidding, bu you CAN threaten people on the internets!


    Wikipedia[/url]":25964]Constructive criticism is a form of communication in which a person tries to correct the behavior of another in a non-authoritarian way, and is generally, a diplomatic approach about what another person is doing socially incorrect. It is 'constructive' as opposed to a command or an insult and is meant as a peaceful and benevolent approach. Participatory learning in pedagogy is based on these principles of constructive criticism.

    Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others with the intention of helping the reader or the artist, rather than creating an oppositional attitude. An art critic can also be a champion of a new artistic movement in the face of a hostile public (e.g. John Ruskin), using scholarship and insight to show the value and depth of a new style. Critics might even champion a wholly new art medium; for instance the century-long critical struggle to have photography recognised as a valid art form.

    There can be a tension between constructive and useful criticism; for instance, a critic might usefully help an individual artist to recognise what is poor or slapdash in their body of work - but the critic may have to appear harsh and judgemental in order to achieve this.

    Wikipedia was updated by an idiot 5 second ago. :lol: (I don't mean you, I mean that anyone, at anytime, can update Wikipedia)

    Anyway, your little constructiveness didn't sound peaceful. Ah well.

  3. The glows weren't done withing the bar at the top, the "I'm feeling Lucky" text doesn't fit i its button, and the effects you did on the logo are quite minute IMHO...

    1. I didn't intend that

    2. Yes it does, even though its kinda scrunched in there

    3. My point wasn't to emphasis the logo. Yes, it looks kind bland in done in a minute, but hey...Google's been up for years and they stuck with the same bland text.

    Thanks for the critization. Don't make me do yours. x_x

  4. I came here after I got Vista. Why? Well, I was using GIMP for a long time. I wasn't really good at it (I could make a fire in 35445 easy steps!). Anyway, once I got Vista it kept crashing on me, so I got Paint.net, at that time, I thought it was pretty basic, but now I realize it's everything that GIMP is and more.

    GIMP doesnt work on vista? That explains why it keeps crashing on me as well.

    Ok, so I was browsing snapfiles looking for a graphics editor, because I knew that if I were to be a game programmer, I should also be good at the other stuff for a game (graphics, 3D, sounds, ect.) So Snapfiles gave the GIMP a 5/5, so I thought it must be the best. It did warn that I has a really steep learning curve, but I figured that the best would be kinda complicated at first. So I downloaded and messed around with it, and thought it was really cool. About a couple weeks later, I realized that I had still not gotten used to the annoying interface. I went back to snapfiles to see what other choices are out there. Paint.NET 2.72 had a 4.5/5 rating, so I gave it a shot. I messed around with it, and was amazed. If I had realized pdn's weaknesses at the time, I would have not gotten it and went back to the GIMP (mostly the fact you could only work with 1 image) Luckily, the next day, I went to getpaint.net and saw 3.0 beta 1. I downloaded it, and started to mess around with it. 2 months later, I decided to join the forums. 7 months later, and here I am today.

    Wow, quite similar to mine.

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