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  1. my current stats (9/14/07, 10:57pm) * 89 Deviations * 345 Deviation Comments * 111 Deviant Comments * 22 Forum Posts * 626 Pageviews
  2. My laptop has a Numerical Keypad 17inch Widescreen HP Pavilion Dv9500t WOOT...... OK the alt code is Hold alt and hit 0169 so alt + 0169 ©
  3. Well..... I hated MS Paint....So i went to Google... and typed "Free Paint Programs" then thats where Paint.Net Came. Then I tried GIMP then went back to Paint.net....Thats a summary.
  4. My Dog barks like a high pitched seal! itd so ANNOYING!
  5. What?....I know to things about user bars! they are 350X19...And I used to make them with GIMP....GASP! But hell I stopped using GIMP and fully went with Paint.net
  6. Sorry to say this...But when I installed Kapersky Trial, my system freaked-out! i started to get these script errors and other errors...when I uninstalled it they stopped. whats up with that?
  7. I HATE AVG AND AVAST! I use AVAST on my 1 year old Dell, and it is slowly dieing! On the other hand... I use NOD32 on my 1 month old Laptop. NOD32 has sped up my system. i have been using NOD32 on my Desktop since November 2006... i switched over to Avast cuz i got tired of renewing my Trial period But i am not tired on my laptop NOD32 is great I learned the truth about AVG and Avast from many sources.
  8. Techno...Something From The Sims 1 SuperStar The genres i listen to are Techno Dance /Trance Rock Pop J-Pop Alternative More
  9. California, USA lol, they are the same
  10. False TPBM switched from Photoshop to Paint.Net
  11. 10/10 I like Japanese names (note to person who rates my name: I did Artic on purpose)
  12. The Sims 2 is slow on my Dell but I am poor and am about to go back to school! but hell....I do the Sims 2 on my laptop..and it is fast.
  13. Stop Trying Really Easy Aeral Kites.... SAVORY
  14. The Home Evolves Take in Children Kindly ARTIC
  15. Poof! opps Forgot to mention i made you tire every moment of your waking life so..you will sleep more hours...but loose more life... I wish I was a Llama
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