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  1. Just as a little challenge, I was wondering if you guys could reproduce two bits of insignia from my website: http://goldenlightsoft.org Shouldn't be too hard, I'll tell you the plugins you need (I think) (I didn't use any tutorials for these) The logo: Shape 3D (Anyone who can't do this and has used Shape 3D for over a week aught to be shot :shock: ), Glow The ripple: (background of the page) a standardly available plugin since PDN 3.xx (not 3.0, I forgot which...)(I actually used a alternative one I won't mention) Just for a little bit of fun and just to see how long it takes to impersonate my site. I'm dawmail333 both here & there. I'll show you a comparison of how close you got when you finish. I'm not very picky about most of it, just needs to fool at first & second glances! 8) Have fun! P.S. As a bonus, try to make that glowy text in the header as well. You need a Vista/Office 2007 font. (At least I think it comes with Vista). Certainly comes with PowerPoint Viewer 2007.
  2. There was this tutorial where you could make a folder looking thing, and I can't find it again. Does anyone know where it is? EDIT: Found the link: viewtopic.php?t=4535 Found it from here: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Paint.NET/ ... /Tutorials
  3. I like it, barring the fact I can't read the white text.
  4. It's different... But what the hell? It just looks like a heap of washed out circles + light rays.
  5. Already rated that signature jerkfight, so I'm just posting my new signature to be rated. At this rate, I'll make a new signature every 2 days...
  6. Quite different! Not my favourite style, but I still like it. Nice, and I would give a rating, but I need to get a know of what I should rate what first.
  7. Jerkfight: Simple, unique, but not quite to my taste. Mike.Ryan52: I like it much better.
  8. Don't apologize, that's not the idea of this thread. Yours though, it seems to look great sometimes, and then it just looks like heaps of embossed bits. So sometimes it looks good, sometimes it doesn't. No idea why. So I won't rate it, as who knows what I'd change the rating to tomorrow. I'm trying hard to think of something decent to make for a sig, without ripping someone else off. It's hard...
  9. @worldnewser: I didn't use the water plugin! I used Twist & Jitter. @BoltBait: Yeah, thanks for the review, I'm thinking of breaking out of the box, but that's hard for a real left-brainer. (I'm a programmer and mathematician, so my creativity is... different... so I'm going to have to work hard). Anyway, @MikeRyan52, that symbol idea was great, but those trees just seem to lack something. I don't know, as I said, I'm a left brianed (Red VS Blue) person, and have peculiar ideas of colour/looks. Not one of those mental differences though.
  10. I like the feel of it, but it seems to lack some form of inspiration. Great theme though, fits together perfectly. Just can't place it at the moment... I'll pm you if I do. Until then, 8/10 for you. I wouldn't have jittered and blurred those smaller mounds/hills if I were you. What about mine? I still seem to lack the inspiration, but I went and made myself a new one. Eager for ratings.
  11. Watch out, I may run over the post limit... Michael Caine can out-act any, or almost any telephone kiosk you care to mention. - Hugh Leonard They couldn't direct lemmings off a cliff. - Doug Brod He looks like a half-melted rubber bulldog. - John Simon (of Walter Matthau) The Henry Fondas lay on the evening like a damp Mackintosh -Noël Coward She was like a sinking ship, firing on the rescuers. - Alexander Woollcott (of Mrs Patrick Campbell) His features resemble a fossilized washbag - Alan Brien (of Steve McQueen) They shot too many pictures and not enough actors. - Walter Winchell The best time I ever had with Joan (Crawford) was when I pushed her down the stairs in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane' - Bette Davis This film wasn't released - it escaped. - James Caan Cher looked like a bag of tattooed bones in a sequined slingshot - Worst Dressed List SO TRUE! Television: an electric device which, when turned off, stimulates conversation. - Anonymous It was one of those plays in which all the actors unfortunately enunciated very clearly. - Robert Benchley The scenery was beautiful but the actors got in front of it. - Alexander Woollcott No self-respecting fish would be wrapped in a Murdoch newspaper. - Mike Royko Every good journalist has a novel in him - which is the best place for it. - Russell Lynes This book fills a much needed gap. - Moses Hadan Very nice, though there are dull stretches. - Antoine de Rivarol (of a two-line poem) Henry James was one of the nicest old ladies I ever met. - William Faulkner When Jack Benny plays the violin, it sounds as though the strings are still in the cat. - Fred Allen Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end. - Igor Stravinsky The English may not like music, but they absolutely love the noise it makes. - Thomas Beecham He has Van Gogh's ear for music. - Orson Welles (of Donny Osmond) SO TRUE! A product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered. - Al Capp (of abstract art) TRUST A POLITICIAN! Greater love hath no man that this, that he lays down his friends for his life. - Jeremy Thorpe of Harold McMillan (when he sacked a third of his cabinet) Insults from an unknown movie: 'You know the two things I don't like about you?' 'What?' 'Your face.' 'Lift your chin, both of them.'
  12. Aren't we rating sigs? Anyway, TopHATslash, it's really cool. Great blend of colours, great placement of everything, and the way that the characters/text go off the sig is just done perfectly. 9.5/10 (because I don't think I've seen anything that is PERFECT yet...). But don't get me started on the idea of looking at that picture in Internet Explorer 6!!!
  13. The text should be separate from the background. (E.g. the text should be on a different layer)
  14. Okay, if you were using a smaller font size, the median blur should have still left you with gaps in the middle of the words. Then (hopefully the text is on a separate layer), then you do the drop shadows which gives it a sort of outline. Then you blur it to a whacky level, use the mask and boom! You get embossed looking text. So yeah, the drop shadows should change the appearance, but you need it to have a white backround, say, to see the difference. And the text must be on a layer with nothing else on it. Hope that both helps and makes sense. P.S. I may have missed steps in my bit up the top, so follow the tutorial at all times!
  15. How is it? I used layers>zoom to 1.5x on the drop section, and I used drop shadow on the droplet, instead of using the circular area.
  16. It's cool, but what is the best way to anti-alias it? I used outline object, but that takes a lot of fiddling and give rounded edges. Keep in mind that any antialiasing will need to avoid changing alpha values because that stuffs the reflection up. (It won't show any of the reflection there, no matter how high your 'ignore pixel' value is).
  17. Pretty cool! I don't care if it isn't chrome, it still looks cool. I am finally going to use my marking criteria: Usefulness: 4 (Can be used for just about anything, so long as it's blocky) Readability: 5 (Perfect grammar, easy to read) Uniqueness: 5 (Haven't seen anything like this) Checkpoints: 2 (Need more so we know what we are doing with smaller text) Personal Opinion: 4 (Cool and scalable, the basic idea can be used in many ways) Total : 20/25 Not bad at all. Here's mine:
  18. Yeah, that wasn't my photo. I was hoping there was something simple like making a transparent circle above it or something like that. Thanks for your advice!
  19. How can you remove dust spots out of a digital camera shot? Is there any easy way to do it? For anyone who doesn't know what a dust spot is: Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  20. Yes Myrddin, I was expecting to use Shape3D, but how? And Ash, sorry, I must have gotten a few things mixed up. I don't even know if I thought I saw a FFX or FFXII airship in yours. My bad. :oops:
  21. Something like the one in Ash's sig is a nice example, but it wouldn't need to be THAT fancy.
  22. If you don't want your thumbprints over the net, why don't you use a finger? The people from Roma might lend you one of their dozen.
  23. I would like to have a bit of a pointer in the direction I would need to go to make a simple 3Dish spaceship. Anyone?
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