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  1. When saving PNG files, I reckon we should be able to turn the gamma setting off. The reason being: IE7 changes the colours the image renders as, read here for more info. It's the only time Internet Explorer has stuck to a standard and had everyone hate it for it. Ironic, isn't it!

    Anyway, if you can even just add a gamma-less entry into the filetypes box, it will save me having to use TweakPNG on every picture before it hits the net. :D

  2. Can you use some

    System.Security.Cryptography (or whatever it is)

    so we can encode it with a password? So pretty much;

    • [*:2debk22q]You insert the text & settings
      [*:2debk22q]The plugin encodes it (into gobbledy-gook)
      [*:2debk22q]The result is inserted verbatim
      [*:2debk22q]The encode function is invoked, so the encryption is reversed as it comes out,
      [*:2debk22q]The user gets the plain text (if they put in the right settings, otherwise they get Chinese. :wink: )

    I used it once, but I forgot the namespace. You should be able to find it again.

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