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  1. Thanks a lot, I'll include the fact i created all the images in PDN and provide a link to http://www.getpaint.net Thanks again.
  2. yeah i know the template comes from forumer.net because its a free forum i believe? I was just checking if i can use the same boards without annoying anyone? As for the rules, it would be editing them to suit my specific program, i can put a post-comment of "template from getpaint.net" or something? I dont mind as long as everyone's happy.
  3. Hello, I was just wondering if i was to make a free forum for my own product could i use the same forum board titles and boards as the PDN forums? The same goes with the rules, can i adapt the rules to suit my own product (altering the content into what suits)? If not, sorry for the inconvenience (suspect if anything the rules or layout will be protected by some sort of law). Thanks.
  4. When my friend was registering his username "Jigsaw Software" he inserted the wrong email address, is there any chance you could please delete the account so he can start over again? Thanks, Mitchell
  5. Nice thanks, and no its not spam . I just need one word in order to going its frustrating lol. I have a few programs made already but i need the site for hosting, thanks for ideas keep thinking! Thanks, Mitchell.
  6. See straight after i think of a name i will get a site, forums, banner, edit programs in order to publish etc.
  7. I premade a simple logo template (using PDN obviously ) and all i must do is add a layer and add the name now. I will make anything from games to office tools.
  8. Nice one, thanks, i will add that to the list . My naming tactic seems to be think of well known companies and how they got their names, like Jigsaw Software and Microsoft, both meaning other things, then i was typing intelligent and i noticed thats how Intel got their name, or rather guessed but it seems like a good guess. So i thought "Effi Software", Effi = Efficient. Thanks, Mitchell
  9. Hello, After hours of trying to remember my username and password i finally got in here Anyway on to the question. I know people on here are bright and intelligent so i will leave it up to you because i have thought for hours but i seem to be getting nowhere. I am thinking of a name for a business that is a software development company. I have thought of "Jigsaw Software" due to the fact Jigsaws are made up of pieces that will board an overall picture, e.g the finished product. However i discovered jigsawsoftware.com has already been taken for a URL. Now i think you see the general idea of my company, i need a name that means something, like jigsaw. Another example like Microsoft = Small, Easy. Things that spring to mind of the company are innovate etc. If i like the names i will check the URL for .com websites and see if they exist, if so i will use it. Thanks very much, Mitchell Wheeler
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