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  1. yeah swalski tut that. I really like it and would like to know how its done.
  2. I got bored and did this today. just played around and this kinda came to life on its own.
  3. I got bored and did this today. just played around and this kinda came to life on its own.
  4. I have been going absolutly insane trying to figure out how you guys/girls made this awsome stuff. Now I am beggining to learn. I want to give you all a HUGE thanks for taking the time to make these. I realize to some my siggy may be a bit offensive but as I learn more it will be modified and remade countless times till I can get a siggy thats as awsome as I imagine. Thanks again.
  5. well thanks everyone for your input. I am a fan of Paint.NET. this is what I plan to use. I have used it for a while but didnt realize how much I didnt know till I started comming to these forums. I learned more in the last 3 days than I learned in the last 2 mons that Ive had PDN. Wish I would have come here sooner. My biggest problem right now is finding the tools i need and the techic to use those tools to make what I see in my minds eye. Expect to see me on here a lot more from now on. I will not listen to anymore PS using/stealing morons.
  6. Okay heres a link. I got so pissed at the ppl in this forum that I deleted all my posts b/c I was tired if hearing about it. http://www.knightsunited.com/kuforum/vi ... hp?t=30982
  7. thanks I think I will do that. And if this turn into a pictorium of ppl telling PS users how wrong they are I will be sure to post the best 5. Anyway could you please let me know what you think of these. I put a lot of time into them and think they look good. If you have suggestions of what I could do better please tell me.
  8. a lot of people keep telling me Photoshop is better. I have made some siggys for use in forums and been flamed for it. I am sick of this. Now the comment that drove me to make this post. "If you take the most skilled at Paint.NET and the most skilled at Photoshop you will see that the better results come from Photoshop" Now that just pissed me off. I would like someone to make the most slammin image they can come up with and let me show to them. Make sure you put your name on it. Ane maybe a little something to tell them PDN doenst suck quite as bad as they think.(Use your imagination on this ) anyway I will post some of the stuff I have been flamed for. I admit I am not even close to being good yet but I try my best. My siggy (got a lot of flaming for this one) I did it all from scratch except the prince of persia which I had to render. This I was making for a freind and made the mistake of asking for opinions And my ava Well these are the ones I caught the most hell over. I know they arent the best but hey I work with what skills I have.
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