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    I am very partially sighted, so if i ask a simple question it's probably because i didn't see what i was looking for.
  1. Alanc

    Kiosk Orbs!

    Thanks Rubrica, i was looking in the wrong place (effects) duh!
  2. Alanc

    Kiosk Orbs!

    Excellent, but you lost me at this point " 4.2) Go to Rotate / Zoom [strg.] + [shift] + [Z] --> Angle: 0,00 | Twist Angle: 90,00 | Twist Radius: 75,00 | X Pan: 0,00 | Y Pan: 0,00 | Zoom: 0,95x. Where or what is this? i cant find a plugin anywhere either, or am i being dumb "
  3. At last, all i had to do was click on the Img code duh! Nevermind i'll know next time.
  4. Hello everyone, i'm new here and new to paint.net although i did try it briefly a couple of years ago, so glad i found this forum after downloading the new version so had to try one of the tutorials (the eye) it turned out ok but not as good as these on here, i'm partially sighted so things take me a lot longer than most, i have to use microsoft built in magnifyer (thanks Bill) :wink: after a bit of tweaking and twiddling i made one, so when i find out how to put it on here you can see it, or laugh at it Thanks Everyone.
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