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  1. CheezyMcPoon made this trying to make something like Pyro's sig. Can anyone post a tut on making this?
  2. Can anyone post a tut on how to do a liquid tube like in BuzzKill's image in The Pictorium(the one on the first page).... I would really appreciate it.
  3. Does anyone know how to do a liquid tube like in BuzzKill's image in The Pictorium?
  4. BuzzKill, how did you make that liquid tube thingy? Can you post a tut? Anyway these are a few creations i made on PDN: I was bored and started messin around and made that one.^^ I made that one for my friend.^^ I used somebody's tut and added text to make that one.^^
  5. How do you open an image on a new layer without deleting the other layers?
  6. Do you need to wait for the font to get in PDN because I just downloaded a font right now and it's not in PDN but the other fonts I downloaded are in PDN
  7. Forget it. I found it already. It's called "Pricedown".
  8. TemderCrisp, where did you get that GTA font?
  9. Thanks... Can you also show me how to make a realistic brick background and 3D on the graffiti?
  10. I fixed my avatar and my sig can you help me now please? I would prefer if someone posted a tut for this topic...
  11. Here is a link to a picture od digital graff. http://www.delamancha.co.uk/images/artw ... iece_2.jpg
  12. I want to know how to make digital graffiti can anyone help?
  13. My cousin did this thing on Photoshop that he write's his name and then he does this effect that the name like flashes like a light is there any way that I can do that on PDN? Thanks
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